Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day 8 and 9 Road Home Row Along

It's double feature day in the Road Home Row Along!

                                    The Road Home-wide

In the excitement of showing off my Silicon Valley Row

and the necessity of finishing some exterior painting before a bit of potential rain, the other three rows from last Thursday didn't receive their share of love. Let's take a look!

Carol at Quilted Fabric Art shares the seasons in Burlington, Vermont.

The Westend Quilter shows us pictures of Manitoulin Island, Canada,

and Pamela at Pamela Quilts tours Oregon.

Such creative designs! Now for today's rows.

Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio shares New Mexico.

Linda at Linda Robertus creates the Netherlands.


Patty from Elm Street Quilts shows off the beauty of North Carolina.

And Sarah Quinn is hosted by Marian at Seams to be Sew, taking us to the final frontier.

                                              Introducing Sarah...

Be sure to visit everyone  download the row patterns, and spend some time with the creators. There's just one more day of new rows, then a day of show and tell. Hope you've enjoyed the Row Along!

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