Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trunk Show of My Favorite Quilts of 2016

Now who doesn't love an online trunk show? 

I know I do! This great idea was dreamed up by Soma at Whims and Fancies - thanks Soma!

Online Quilt Trunk Show | Whims And Fancies

Participation requires a post about your favorite 2016 finished quilts then linking it to the trunk show at Whims and Fancies by November 16. Prizes are being given away - no judging or voting involved!

Looking at my finishes in the 2016 Quilt Gallery, it was really hard to narrow down the choices. There are, um, 35 quilts, all begging to be selected. I managed to select 13, though some are duplicates - hope that's not too many!

Here goes the list, with my most favorites first:
1.   Seed Mix - I think this is my all time favorite as I absolutely love seeing this quilt across the table every day.

Seed Mix quilt

2.    Love Abounds and Love Abounds version 2. These two just melt my heart.

Love Abounds runner

Love Abounds version 2 runner

3.    Double Jumble Turtles and Double Jumble Butterfly. These are my latest creations and I'm still swooning over their cuteness!


4.    Heart to Heart, another favorite table runner with gorgeous quilting. Plus it was a Best of Show, Sewing Division winner at the fair this year.

Heart to Heart runner

5.    Hoppy Green and Hoppy Pink, those adorable frog quilts. Such personality!      


6.    Holiday Forest runner, because it's a great decoration for December and January.

Holiday Forest runner

7.    Unlimited. A vague idea in my head that came out much better than expected.

Unlimited quilt

8.    Shadow Block Mini. From a QAL, another idea that turned out fantastic!

Shadow Block Mini quilt

9.   Jagged, because it's different. Also won the Judge's Choice award at the fair.

Jagged quilt

10.    Light at the End, in honor of my mother who passed away this year.

Light at the End quilt

That's it for my trunk show - I do hope you've enjoyed seeing all of my favorites. Be sure to check out all the other trunk shows at Whims and Fancies!

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