Friday, December 2, 2016

A Case of Whodunnit

I suppose some of this is my fault. 

The left side looks organized only because I started putting this back together before I took the picture. Yesterday, it looked all pretty, remember?

So last night, I put a sheet over it, anchored by some pillows. This has worked in the past as a quilt protectant against wayward kitties.

Guess I should have looked a little harder for a flat sheet, and put more pillows on the edges. And maybe a board in the center. And a fence around the outside. And those kitties in another room.

Of course, I should have seen this coming. After laying out the first round of blocks yesterday, I spent another hour or so making 20 more blocks. And discovered my layout had been, shall we say, rearranged when I went to add them in.

Now who did this? Only one kitty was in sight, and he was asleep in a chair. Someone managed to escape my wrath! 

Then this morning, more signs someone had fun during the night. Blocks thrown out at the edge, and pillows knocked around. Whatever this was on the floor had to be investigated! Mom put it there to be played with, right?

So who are the suspects?

Roscoe, the King

Toby, the Prince

Winston, the Duke

Turns out the culprit this morning was none other than...

Toby! Busted, at this time at least, though I'm sure Roscoe had a turn as he was caught chasing an imaginary toy a bit later.

So I learned my lesson. Thanks kitties.

Have a great weekend quilting!

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