Monday, December 12, 2016

More Christmas Scraps

I'm sure every quilter has had this experience - finding fabric you didn't know you had. Sometimes it's a good thing, as maybe it was a long lost piece, more of a favorite, or yardage to finish up a quilt. Then other times it's not a good thing, when it's not your favorite, or it's more of what was used up. For me, it's the last two, as it's more Christmas fabric. Really? Where has that been hiding all these years? Sorry I didn't take a picture - too annoyed at the moment!

But I'm determined to use it up. It's not much, so some creativity is in order. Wanting this to be quick, I'm thinking a D9P, so cutting up as much as I can to make a nine patch. Notice the seams and the rectangles.

Again, I'm squeezing out what I can from odd shaped pieces, as two rectangles make up the squares. That's okay because this block is going to get cut along those lines anyway. Yeah!

I'll keep working away, as all this special cutting and scrap sewing takes time. Hopefully this will ultimately be a quick quilt!

Happy Quilting!

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