Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Problem Solved!

Phew! After much thought, and work, I've got a back for the offset barn raising quilt. Conundrum solved!

Though it doesn't use yardage I had hoped to, it does up more of the Christmas fabric from this pile left from yesterday.

And boy, did I squeeze out two more blocks, fishing through the trash basket to come up with two green squares. Four pieces to make one 2 1/2" square. That's desperation!

Check out all the extra seams.

Elaine suggested taking off the long strips on the blocks, and using them to make the two others, which was a good idea. Fortunately, I got lucky that narrow strips were wide enough, that when sewn, made 2 1/2" strips. So no blocks were unsewn.

As for the layout, I had offset snowballs as one of my ideas yesterday, but the lack of two more blocks prevented it from going further. Yvonne suggested a layout in a pyramid formation, and with two more blocks, the tree evolved. And what Christmas tree doesn't need a star?

Thanks to everyone for all of the suggestions, as they certainly kick started another round of creativity and a fun quilt back!

Tomorrow, it's on to the quilting. Originally, I was going to do a design in each of the rings of the barn raising.

But because this is a two-fer quilt (two quilts in one), that quilting won't compliment the tree. Instead, I think I'll do an all over panto, which will look great on both sides. I'll show an update tomorrow at Midweek Makers.

Happy Quilting!

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