Friday, January 13, 2017

A Standstill and a Distraction

A standstill, defined as no movement or activity at all, can be caused by a distraction. It happens to a lot of us, no matter what activity we're involved in. In my case, it's a self imposed standstill, with the distraction doing exactly what's it's supposed to - distracting me from my standstill.

Here's where I'm at with Sitka Rose.

Block components are done, but not sewn together. Currently, it measures around 42" square. The pattern has it longer, with applique roses on vines in a large border. Since I'm not a big fan of borders, I have no plans to go down that road. 

So, I'm at a standstill. Do I sew it up, leaving it 42" square? Use it as a wall hanging? Possibly a baby quilt? 

Do I make it larger, to maybe a lap or twin size? My husband wants it as a wall hanging, as he does with everything I make. But the closet is getting full, and I'm running out of wall space. Lord knows, I have enough quilts to drape over chairs! What to do?

While I try to figure this out, I'm distracting myself with an adorable strawberry block that's the first block of the Honey Pot Bee QAL at Molli Sparkles.

The tutorial for this 7.5" x 10.5" block can be found at Skyberries Handmade, and the larger version at The Gnome Angel. Since I have a lot of scraps to use up, I've gone through them, piece by piece, cutting squares, and making hardly a dent. Needless to say, I have five more berries to stitch up. Distraction indeed!

While I busy myself with berries, I'd love any suggestions regarding Sitka Rose.

Have a great weekend quilting!

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