Friday, June 30, 2017

Pinwheel Winners and Other Updates

We have some winners of the pinwheel and HST contest from the Smaller Big Spin!

A Smaller Big Spin

It was probably pretty hard to see these small pinwheel blocks in the background,

A Smaller Big Spin closeup

so I'm impressed with how close the winning guesses were. And I hope everyone remembered to count the big pinwheel too!

Without further ado, the winners and their guesses. The actual number of pinwheels is ... 57!
Elaine's guess of 52 came the closest, just beating out the second guess of 51.

And all of those pinwheels are made of HST's, so that's 57 x 4 = 228. But don't forget the 16 HST's that fill out the rest of the big pinwheel, making for a grand total of 244 HST's. The closest guess of 232 submitted by Roseanne, is the second winner! Congrats to you both - be sure to give me your contact info so I can send out your treasures.

Now for the update: the applique is finished on my patriotic piece,

and I'm really excited to show this one off! But first, it needs quilting, and because I'm sure others will love it too, there's a pattern in the works. Shooting for a July 4th launch - no pun intended! And the duck pinwheels? Probably a finish later next week.

And an FYI - Craftsy is having a sale this weekend, starting today thru Tuesday (at midnight). All classes are under $20! A great time to stock up on some classes to watch when it's too hot to sew - I'll remember that for our next heat wave!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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  1. Tease...I am sure it will be an amazing quilt :) Can't wait to see

  2. Hi again Susan,
    This was just so much fun (even without being a winner - HAHA)! I hope you share a picture of the quilt in your hubbies office - I like to see quilts being used. That patriotic pattern is very intriguing with the sneak peak. We are working on the Cub's cubby bear quilt today in red/white/blue so that does qualify for being in the spirit of the season. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Congratulations to both of them. That was a lot of HSTs! Looking forward to seeing the newest patriotic piece.


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