Monday, June 26, 2017

Progress? What Progress?

The heat has subsided - thank goodness - as the last two days have been lovely with high 70's. I am so hoping it continues through the week, so that I can finish up the second duck quilt. Here's the current status:

progress on pinwheel duck quilt

See? I've made good use of those pinwheels!

And notice what I did to the little ones - added some duck fabric around them, to bring them up to the 6 1/2" size.

bringing blocks up to size

Quite the creative way to solve a size issue, don't you think? That's my quilting trick for you today!

All right, looks like I'm off to sew a few more pinwheels and get this one finished up. That is if I don't get distracted by all the red, white, and blue floating around!

Stay cool and sew on!


  1. Susan I love the duck print to "upsize" your blocks. Waiting to see this finished, I am sure it will be very cute.

  2. This is such a cute quilt. I like the colors, and the duck print is just plain fun!

  3. I hope the weather stays cooler and you have a lot of fun sewing this week.

  4. I really like the borders on the pin wheels. Neat. I did that for a Jane Austin block that just would not cooperate!

  5. Sew sew very cute! Love the added borders and "made fabric". Will be another great finish.

  6. Our weather is warming up, not as high as what you had, but definitely great weather. Good luck with the progress with your blocks.

  7. love a pin wheel and also a fan of different sized blocks so this is a winner with me


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