Monday, July 10, 2017

Bend and Sisters Recap

After a very hot 9 hour drive home, we have arrived safely from our road trip to Bend and Sisters! Was it worth it? You bet, considering the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show was involved.

I'll start at the beginning of the trip to Bend, which was Thursday morning. Clear skies provided this lovely view of Mt Shasta, on the backside.

Once into Oregon, we headed to Crater Lake, with it's beautiful clear blue water. This is one of those natural wonders that everyone should see - an imploded volcano that is now filled with clean, pure water.

Hubby and I took a rare selfie here - such a pretty place for a picture!

Later in the afternoon, we hiked the mile through the Lava River Cave, bundled up in jackets as it was 42 degrees! I wasn't complaining as the outside air temp was 93. No picture here as the camera flash does not do the cave justice!

On Friday, we headed out early for a hike up to Green Lake, elevation 6590 ft. Unfortunately, we didn't make it all the way, as there was too much snow.

Not only was it slushy and slippery, but the trail kept disappearing. So after 1.5 hours, we turned back, but the beauty and power of Fall Creek was worth the hike up.

After lunch on a beach, we continued back to Bend to explore the Deschutes River. After driving down several dirt roads, we finally came upon a spot to watch the boat rafts come down over the rapids, of which this picture is just a small part.

Being that it was again 93 degrees, we found a rock in the river to perch upon and soak our feet.

We're guessing the water was around 45-50 degrees, and boy did it feel good! Mind you, I wouldn't want to go for a swim, but my feet were happy! Thankfully, there were no more big adventures that day, but lots of getting in and out of the car - exhausting to say the least!

Then on Saturday, the quilt show. Heading out early in the morning to get ahead of traffic, we arrived in Sisters, finding a perfect parking spot in the shade. Temperature forecast was for 88 at noon, 93 later. Ugh.

After a bit of breakfast, we headed out around the town, where some shops were open, and quilts were being hung. Certainly an amazing feat to get all of the quilts up in under two hours! Here's some hanging from the side of a building.

Three streets worth, with alleyways and alcoves full of quilts! And people! Not only did they arrive by car, but also by bus. The local coffee shop had a constant line out the door, as did other restaurants, and of course, bathrooms.

Ah, but the quilts! They ranged from simple to elaborate, traditional to modern, colorful to soft, and artsy to just plain fun. Not only were they from local quilters, but also quilters across the country. And most of them were for sale, though prices seemed to be arbitrary. Hubby especially liked one that had ducks flying across a mountain range, though he didn't want to pay the $5400 for it. Guess what I'll be making someday.

If you ever get the chance to go, do it! This is a quilt show unlike any other - truly a fun experience! I'm glad I went, and hope to do it again someday.

Happy Quilting!


  1. seems a bit pricey to buy a quilt - are most overpriced by someone thinking so many people there someone with lots of money will want to buy? I have always wanted to go to this show and maybe one year we will.

  2. and I meant to say I love your scenery pictures from your 9 hours travel to get there - I love that kind of country!

  3. I am so glad you made the trip a fun vacation for the two of you. The scenic views there are certainly tempting. I am glad the show was worth going and that you look forward to returning again; it sounds like the crowds of people must have been friendly, too. :)

  4. Sounds super fun and those views are amazing. Is this a one day show with the quilts coming down before dark? It certainly would be great to see all those quilts!

  5. Great pictures - About 15 years ago it used to be cool in Sisters for the show! Guess we are all having changes in weather pattern - more like the 1950's! Glad you have been able to experience this. A little too far from South Texas!

  6. What a lovely trip and a combination of outdoorsy stuff and quilts to boot. A nice way to recharge your batteries and gather up inspiration for new quilts.

  7. You're the first blog I follow to give an update on the Sisters Quilt Show. I've been waiting to see the pictures. The Bend/Sisters area is very, very beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed your time there. --Andrea

  8. Hi Susan,
    Your photos are just lovely, and cool, clean, crisp river looks wonderful - and the rapids a little scary. I'm glad you enjoyed the quilt show - very unique how the quilts were displayed. ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Looks like you had a great adventure. Beautiful nature photos.

  10. I can't wait to see that quilt you get to make!!! ;-)

    I've been to the show once and it was really fun - many years ago. I'm sure the crowds are much worse now. The West has been quite toasty this week.

  11. Gorgeous scenery! I am so glad to hear that you had a great time despite the hot temperatures.


  12. The show sounds awesome, and I love your scenic pictures!

  13. Ah, lovely to see that area again! I was there in 2007. A most wonderful trip.


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