Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Midweek Makers #86

Welcome to Midweek Makers!

How about this bit of excitement yesterday!

Spider surprise under the cover

Sure surprised the heck out of me! The story is too long for today, but you can see more pics and how I found him a new home over at my QuiltFabrication Facebook page, or QuiltFabrication on Instagram. It's all good!

After Mr. Spider was handled, I was able to settle into stitching down the snowflake appliques on my row for the Christmas Carol Row-along

Christmas Carol Row-along row sneak peek

This is another sneak peek, with the big reveal coming Thursday, September 21. The whole event kicks off Tuesday, September 5, with awesome designs to make a wonderful Christmas row quilt. Don't miss it!

Now on to Midweek Makers. I really liked last week's theme of quilts with many colors, so we'll carry that into this week.

There's Nann, from With Strings Attached, and her jelly roll strip quilt,


Karen, of Quilts Etc, with her Primary Colors quilt top,

                                     primary colors

Kathy, from Kathy's Quilting Blog, showing off a completed quilt made from winning Block Lotto


and last but not least, is Sharon, who blogs at Yellow Cat Quilt Designs, and her colorful quilt.


Lovely, lively quilts everyone! Be sure to honor them with a 'Featured' button!

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Let's move on to this week's projects - link up a recent post, keeping the following in mind:
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Have a fun time!

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  1. thanks for the link up - I'm afraid I would have dealt with that spider rather quickly - I do not deal with spider's nicely and have this little thing about them!

    1. I totally understand. Would have done that if he was darker - they seem scarier to me!

  2. Your applique is beautiful! Susan, thanks for hosting the party!

  3. Hi susan... yikes on the spider!
    for several weeks I have trouble linking up. Says no link back but I have linked to your post. Also have your symbol on my blog.

  4. EEEK!!! Yaay for You for being brave enough to carry him outside :)

  5. For some reason I cannot link up - what has changed? I have tried everything and read and doing what I am supposed to do but not working

  6. Ugh!! You were too kind to that spider. I would have dealt with him differently . . .

  7. I would have run away and not return for many days just in case his family came looking for him. LOL

  8. That is one big friend you have there! We have one that happily lives behind our sink, we leave him alone, and he leaves us in peace :)

  9. Little Miss Muffet? A certain other person in this house says you don't get spiders unless they come in after bugs, in which case they eat and live off of the bugs. He follows it with, "Do you want spiders or bugs?" I'll take the spider, but please keep them small.

    You have a good week!

  10. UGH -- that spider. Luckily I generally only find dead spiders in m studio. On the other hand I caught a live one last week and threw him outside. I just didn't want to squish him.


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