Friday, October 27, 2017

Quilts for Sale

I have quilts that need new homes! Those of you who follow on Facebook or Pinterest have probably already seen the two quilts up for sale at my Etsy shop. They are Blossoms,

Blossoms quilt by QuiltFabrication - for sale

and Saw Tooth Flowers.

Saw Tooth Flowers by QuiltFabrication - for sale

                                         Saw Tooth Flowers

Both quilts were made a year ago, using different techniques. Read about how I used the Crafted Applique technique to create Blossoms, and fusible interfacing/turned edge applique on Saw Tooth Flowers.

Each is beautifully crafted and quilted - just look at the detail pics!

Blossoms quilt closeup

Blossoms, closeup

Saw Tooth Flowers quilt closeup

Saw Tooth Flowers closeup

And both quilts have 4" hanging sleeves, having both been entered into the 2017 San Mateo County Fair, with Saw Tooth Flowers receiving 1st Place in the Small Quilt Division.

Unsure how these quilts will fit on a wall? 
Their measurements are as follows:  
Blossoms 32" x 38"
Saw Tooth 41" x 44"
with more details at Etsy.

Though I'm sad to part with them, I know that there is someone out there who would just love to see these purple flowers. 

Can you help them find a forever home?

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