Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 In Review

We're fast approaching the end of the year, and what better send off than reviewing the quilts of 2017?

I must admit, this was a strange year for me. Starting off with great intentions of using up the many pounds of scraps by participating in RSC17, I got as far as two months.

RSC17 purple
Purple and Pink, Violet Riot, Purple Passionflower, Garden Stars

RSC17 teal
Diamond Chevrons, Fluctuate

The most important finish of the year was Santorini (below, right), with help from a Book of the Month selection. There were a lot of quilts made from book patterns, which helped to use up the stash. 

Book of the Month January, February, March April
Stika Rose, Perennial Pinwheels, Santorini

Some of the book patterns allowed me to use the scrap poundage,

Book of the Month May and June
Pixie Sticks, Big Spin

while others were created from yardage.

Book of the Month July and August
Summer Picnic, Steps, Open Sesame

Some quilts were created to show off the quilting,

Book of the Month September
Joy, Jess

others to use up charm squares,

Book of the Month October and November
Seaglass, Lickety Split 1, Lickety Split 2, Scrap Happy

while the last book pattern for the year was this fun quilt made with Christmas fabric.

Adorn from Make Wall Quilts

Every so often, I was inspired to use up some special scraps, which made one-of-a-kind quilts.

Special scrap quilts
Squares in Squares, Ducks in the Pond, Pinwheel Ducks

But what I'm most proud of are the creations that started as a small idea in my head and came to be these wonderful quilts!

Fireworks and Slots quilts
Fireworks, Slots

Let It Snow, Poinsettia Coasters, Santa's Helper quilts
Let It Snow, Poinsettia Coasters, Santa's Helper

Of course, there were a few other QAL's thrown in the mix, and a few other unfinished projects, but they haven't resulted in a quilt top yet. Guess those will go into the 2018 Review.

So, what does 2018 hold for me? 

1. Probably won't participate in any QAL's. I started out with three, and managed to stay with one. Unless I host one of my own, I'm taking a break from QAL's.

2. Do away with odd shaped scraps. After working with them for a few months, they got to be a drag, and brought me down. I'm done with making quilts from diamonds, hexies, etc - anything that leaves funky leftover shapes. 

3. Sell, donate, or recycle the older pieces in the stash, those that I know I won't use. I'm ready to bring in some new prints!

4. Continue to create quilt patterns, those to snuggle under and those to view on a wall.

5. Make more videos - those are fun!

That's it for the moment. 2017 was an interesting year, but now I'm ready to start fresh, and achieve new goals. Maybe you'll want to adopt some of these ideas for yourself?

Cheers to 2018!

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  1. so many great finishes, sometimes we do get tired of our scraps and need to get rid of some of them to move on to other kinds of fabric. I have so many scraps that I always intend to use and still have a ton of them even with all the scrappy quilts I make.

  2. These are great goals, Susan, and I can relate to them as well. Videos are lots of fun and you do a beautiful job incorporating them into your posts. I hope you have a peaceful 2018 full of quilting joy.

  3. I hear ya with the RSC17, I tried and didn't get anything finished, so now I have 2 more UFO's. But you did wonderful with all your projects, and I am sure you will do wonderful in 2018. Looking forward to seeing what you create pattern wise!

  4. One of the good things about not blogging, is that I can't be held accountable for missing my goals/plans. And one of the great things about being retired is that I don't have to stick to goals or plans. So I just keep puttering along, meandering around, and having fun.

  5. I agree with you on the QAL's and mystery quilts..... I have enough to keep me busy for 30 years! Never get them all done, but sure is fun trying. Have a great New Year!

  6. What a great year you had! It was fun to follow along with you.

  7. What a great year you had, such wonderful finishes! Thanks for linking up and have a wonderful new year!


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