Monday, January 22, 2018

Fabric and Computers

New heart inspiring fabric to show off -

new heart fabric

purchased Friday, cause my pile was just not giving me any inspiration. So, yep, I did a FART! A Fabric Acquisition Road Trip, that is.

Hoping to dive into the new Valentine project this past weekend, my sons had other ideas. They finally received shipment of my birthday present, a brand new desktop computer!

new Acer Aspire computer 27" HP monitor

Look at that huge 27" monitor! I can't wait to put multiple screens up so that I can work more efficiently. Notice the track pad on the bottom right - a mouse alternative. Last year, I developed finger and wrist pain due to a mouse, and learned to use the laptop's pad/buttons instead. Yes, it had clickable buttons, not like the straight flat pad that most computers now have, which I find frustrating. So I was very happy to find this mouse alternative - operating it is just like the pad and buttons that were on my laptop. Yeah!

As anyone who has gotten a computer knows, it takes a ton of time to set it up, upload software, and transfer files. Took all weekend - so much for getting a start on that heart idea.
But a big thank you to my boys - this is a wonderful birthday present!


  1. Hi Susan,
    I hope you are inside (with dreary weather like we have here), working away on that new computer. I have a HUGE screen just like that at work and it is so fabulous. I love being able to have multiple screens open at the same time. Then when I go home, to my little laptop, I know I am spoiled. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Wow...that is a big screen! I know you will enjoy the new computer. They do eat up a ton of time getting it up and going.

  3. Wow, Happy Birthday indeed!!! I know what you mean about the mouse...ugh! I hate the pad on my laptop so I have an ergonomic roller-ball mouse...keeps my wrist happy and my thumb (which operates the ball) lets me know when I have had to much computer time!!

  4. Wonderful birthday gift!!! Yup, been around those computers a long long LONG time and it takes time to get things done. I have 1 PC and the rest of our electronics are Apple. They make things so easy now with the iCloud! You will certainly enjoy your new toy!

  5. Love those fabrics!!! Have fun with the new computer. I've never seen a track pad like that.

  6. Happy Birthday! New fabric and fabulous computer! Wow! Love that screen, too!

  7. I hear you on the ton of time on the computer...WHAT a gorgeous monitor though holy cow! Beautiful valentine fabrics. FART LOLOL love it. When I'm on the computer a lot (like this weekend) I use (I forgot this weekend ugh) my cordless mouse. However it just died so I will be using my corded one in future! Definitely helps on the wrist stress.


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