Monday, March 12, 2018

Giveaway Winner and More Blog Hops

I hope everyone enjoyed the Small, Smaller, Smallest Blog Hop last week! I was super impressed with the number of quilters who love to sew really tiny pieces - made my Serendipity Mini project, at 24" x 24", look like a giant!

Serendipity Mini quilt

That's okay though, cause it's wonderful to see everyone's idea of small!

And thanks to everyone who visited and entered to win your choice of one of my patterns, which is a pdf file sent via email. Without further delay, Mr Rafflecopter has selected - - -

                                           Bonnie Larson

Congrats Bonnie! I've sent you an email notifying you of your win!

I had so much fun with this blog hop, I signed on for two more:

Wish Upon a Star, May 21-25, hosted by Just Let Me Quilt


Where Flowers Grow, June 11-15, hosted by Creatin' in the Sticks


If you want to join in, contact the hostesses, as space is limited. I'll be making brand new creations for these - I'd better get started!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Thank you so much for pulling my name, Susan. I will pm you with my choice. It will be hard to choose one, though. You have some gorgeous patterns listed. Thanks again!

  2. Love those purples! So tempting to join in but sticking to my goals! LOL

    1. I completely understand, and good for you to for not wavering.
      Fortunately, these are one time commitments, not on-going QAL's. That's why I decided to jump in!

  3. Hi Susan,
    Congrats to Bonnie! I wonder which pattern she will choose - I would have a hard time. I am doing the May star hop as well. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Bonnie choose one of my favorites, Winter Feed.
      And I'm looking forward to seeing your creation for the star hop!


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