Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Midweek Makers #117

Welcome to Midweek Makers - come share your projects!
My sewing machines have been humming this past week because I've joined a lot of blog hops for the next 4 months - see the side bar for the list. And I'm eager to get a jump on the projects, so that they are done and ready to show.

The next hop is 30 Quilt Blocks in 30 Days Blog Hop, starting April 1. My day is April 28 with the Stockade block,

for which I'm making three quilts - yep, I'm an over-achiever!
But any quilter would totally understand the reason behind three:
1) I don't have a stash of baby boy quilts, 
2) there were block parts and plenty of fabric for a second quilt, 
3) I wanted to do a certain layout which wasn't possible on quilt 2 because there weren't enough blocks of one color, 
4) I still had plenty of background fabric for a third quilt.

The quilting is almost done, but they'll stay in hiding until the big reveal day, April 28.

Enough of my share - let's look at some blasts of color from last week:

Rebecca from Cheeky Cognoscenti, and this pineapple block


Karen's scrap quilt at Karen's Quilting


Kay's beautiful flower at Quilts and Color 


LeeAnna's pretty Dresden's at Not Afraid of Color


Bonnie's scrap quilt at In Stitches with Bonnie


and Julie's scrappy six pointed star at Pink Doxies.


Wouldn't you agree these are all great blasts of color? Grab a 'Featured' button everyone!

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Let's see this week's projects - come share!
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  • Bring a friend! Invite your fellow bloggers to the party by spreading the word! 
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And have fun!

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  1. thanks for the feature and for having a weekly link up Susan

  2. Your blue block looks great. I'm looking forward to the hop.

    Great Midweek Maker projects too. I love seeing all of the creativity.

  3. Gosh, you don't do things by halves! Enjoy :)

  4. My goodness, you are scheduled in! I'm like you though wanting to get the most bang for my time investment, and making the same quilt twice doesn't take as long if the fabric is out and you know what to do. You're very productive, Susan. I'm looking forward to all you have to share in the coming weeks. And do have fun!

  5. thanks for featuring this quilt I'm working on. I'm sure the lady who started it would be pleased to know people are seeing it and that someone is finishing it. Wow -- you are an over achiever. But it sounds like you are almost done with your quilts... I'm looking forward to seeing them.


Thank you so much for just made my day!