Friday, March 16, 2018

Worldwide Quilting Day Tomorrow!

Heads up everyone! Tomorrow, March 17, 2018, is Worldwide Quilting Day - yeah!! 

This advance notice gives you plenty of time to plan how you will spend the day! But first, a little history. According to Days of the Year

"In 1991, the National Quilting Association decided to create a special day to celebrate and inspire lovers of quilting and to encourage others to take up this charming and addictive craft. Quilting Day was born, and has been celebrated ever since by quilt and patchwork lovers every spring."

So awesome that the creative work we do has it's own special day of recognition, along with March being National Quilting Month!

Quilt shops may have special celebrations on Saturday. To check if your local shop is participating, type your city into the Participating Shop Finder. Then go join the fun!

Online stores are participating too - here's a couple I found:
Martingale (no affiliation) with a warehouse sale, March 12-19. Books as low as $6 - worth a look!
Connecting Threads (no affiliation) with 20% off your entire order thru March 17, 2018. I took advantage of this one!
Missouri Star Quilting Co (no affiliation) has a month's long celebration of projects.
And Keepsake Quilting (affiliated) has this: National Quilting Day! 30% Off All Kits with Code QUILT30 at Keepsake Quilting! Valid 3/17 through 3/18

Don't need to add to the stash? There are other ways to celebrate, such as:
Teach someone to quilt
Host a quilting party
Finish an older project
Start a new project
Learn a new technique
Watch quilting videos
Get together with quilting friends
Make a quick quilt to donate
Snuggle under your favorite quilt

Have a great day quilting, however you spend it!

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  1. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for the reminder about Worldwide Quilting Day tomorrow. I will be Irish and spend a good portion of the day quilting. That sounds like a perfect combination to me. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Hmmm....I think I could do a number of those to celebrate the day.

  3. Yes! It's good to know that I now have an official reason to spend the afternoon (and/or morning) quilting away! My husband should not be able to give me grief about it because I'm celebrating a holiday, right?

  4. I didn’t know that and the bad news is I’m working for my husband this weekend. The word that comes to mind is aggravating!

  5. Hi Susan, Happy Worldwide Quilting Day! In my life, every day is a potential quilting day - and many are actual ones. Life is good! And this weekend it's going to be cold here, so here's to hibernating with my WIPs!


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