Monday, April 30, 2018

Blog List - Edition 5

More blog hops means the discovery of more blogs to follow!

This list is full of bloggers/quilters who make some amazing quilts, and are possibly those you already follow, or those that are new. They are all worth checking out - you never know what you'll find!  

Now for your reading pleasure, another list of randomly put together quilt bloggers in Blog List - Edition 5.

Objects of Design                                         Sally   
Musings of a Menopausal Melon             Sandra 
Days Filled with Joy                                    Joy
Busy Hands Quilts                                       Myra

Sewmotion                                                     Louisa
Quilting Jet Girl                                            Yvonne
Sew Fresh Quilts                                           Lorna
A Quilt is Nice                                                Nettie

Piece and Quilt                                               Natalia
Quilting Solutions                                         Mardi
My Quilt Infatuation                                    Kelly
Cynthia's Creating Ark                                Cynthia

Kissed Quilts                                                  Marlene
Jedi Craft Girl                                                Amanda     
Dizzy Quilts                                                    Izzy
Stitch All Things                                            Christine  

If you're new to the Blog List, here's the list of the previous editions, full of more blogs to check out:

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Enjoy the discovery and viewing the inspiration!

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  1. Loving your blog lists Susan, I always discover a wonderful blogger I don’t know. Thank you for compiling your lists.

  2. I always enjoy your lists and have added many of them to my following list.


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