Monday, June 25, 2018

Blogger Comments, Patterns and Quilts

I want to send out huge thank you's to the following people:

Sarah @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict
Jeanna @ Slammin' the Screen Door, and
Jen @ Patterns by Jen

First, Sarah. On Friday's Whoop Whoop, she posted a link to Jeanna's blog, who had (hopefully) found a way to restore Blogger comments coming to the blogger's inbox.

All bloggers have been in a tizzy the last few weeks because we lost the feature of comments coming to our inboxes. Many of us were at a loss as to how to respond to comments, hoping that you knew we read them. I know I've missed those emails, and without them, it's been hard keeping in touch, to say the least!

Enter Jeanna (and her friend, Sheryl @ I am - Blog). Both describe how to restore Blogger comment emails - thank you! In a nutshell: 

  • in Settings, under Email, delete the email in 'comment notification email'. 
  • Save settings. 
  • Go back to 'comment notification email', and add the email back in. 
  • Save settings. 
  • A 'comment subscription' email will arrive in your inbox - answer subscribe. 

And hopefully, comments will be flowing back to the blogger inbox. Check out Jeanna's and Sheryl's pages to double check the steps.

The third thank you goes to Jen @ Patterns by Jen. Given her blog name, you can guess she designs and sells patterns. She wrote a post Pattern Design - The Real Cost, which breaks down the time and cost to produce a pattern, from concept to quilt to completed pattern. And it's as much of an eye-opener as the article Why Do Quilts Cost So Much by Gail @ I Think Sew.

As for me, I love creating and making quilts, writing an occasional pattern for an item others love too. But above all, I want to inspire you to expand your quilting skills, and create items that you love. And a huge thank you to everyone for your support!!

Feel free to comment - may they flow into my inbox again!!

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  1. Yes, thanks to everyone who figured out and shared the solution to the Blogger problem. And such an interesting post on the cost of pattern design.

  2. I moderate comments and found that I had do the same delete and save and re-enter my email address into the moderation notification setting as well.

    All is well in the Blogger World again!
    xx, Carol

  3. I just got home from traveling and have not kept up with blogs for almost a month and I'm surprised the blogger/comment thing was still going on - wow! blogger has let people down it seems they should have solved this awhile ago

  4. Unfortunately, it's not quite back to normal. I am getting comments in my e-mail again but some of them are labeled as no-reply commenters when they are people who have been commenting for years! Have you heard how to fix that?

    1. Unfortunately, no. But when I do, I'll let you know

  5. Thanks for helping me sort out my comment problem. I hadn't realized what a snob I had been, not answering any comments.

  6. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Just followed the directions and am cheerfully waiting for emails - and looking forward to saving time! Thank you! :)


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