Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Midweek Makers #129

I have no idea where the week has gone, but it's time again for another Midweek Makers! Come share what you're working on!

My news this week is the results from the local fair. I'm happy to report that Strawberry Splendor was the big winner, with a 1st Place, and Best Quilting ribbon.

Strawberry Splendor quilt by QuiltFabrication

Slots by QuiltFabrication

and Serendipity Mini both took a 1st,

Serendipity Mini quilt by QuiltFabrication

while Joy (on top) placed 2nd.

Joy and Jess quilts

This fair is always fun to enter, with many beautiful quilts, and I can't wait to enter next year!

Now, let's look at last week's projects - I'm choosing an animal theme today. From Lisa Marie's Flickr page, this beautiful dragonfly;

from Mary at Made by Marney, this adorable hedge hog;


from Rebecca Grace at the Cheeky Cognoscenti, these beautiful birds;


and from Dione at the Clever Chameleon, this adorable bear.

                                                Purple Bear of a Little Bit Silly by Clever Chameleon

So what are you up to this week? Come share and show off!
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  1. Susan, congratulations! Well deserved awards for your beautiful workmanship!

  2. Beautiful quilts, and congrats on all of your ribbons!

  3. Congrats on the well deserved ribbons!

  4. Congratulations Susan! The quilts are Fabulous!

  5. If my competition is anything like you, I will be out of luck. for the first time ever I am entering quilts in the county fair. Until last year I didnt even know they had a quilt exhibit.Congrats on your wins.

  6. Congratulations! All your quits are beautiful.

  7. Congratulations! All your quilts are gorgeous. Love the strawberries...its so summer!

  8. Susan, Lovely work, as usual! Thanks so much for highlighting my Hedgehog this week. He is one of my favorites!

  9. You did fantastic at your fair! I just got the notice that it is time to send our entries in - the fair is in August. I need to decide what to enter.

  10. Congratulations! Quilts and quilting are awesome!

  11. Congratulations! They are all beautiful and deserving awards!

  12. Thank you everyone for the congratulations on my quilt wins! Maybe this year I'll venture to show them more

  13. Congrats on the ribbons. How exciting.

  14. Yay!! Congratulations on all your awards!! Very well deserved, your Strawberry quilt is so pretty! Hope you gave yourself a huge pat on the back! x

  15. Whoo hoo. Congrats on the ribbons. I love the strawberry quilt.


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