Monday, July 16, 2018

5 Favorite Quilt Books

Every month or so, I feature a quilt book that I find to be useful for this quilting journey we've embarked on. Usually, I make a quilt from the book, either full size, or modified smaller, or create my own. Either way, it's a great way to learn, try new techniques and styles, and have fun! 
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5 favorite quilt books

1. The Quilter's Practical Guide to Color: an absolute must for any quilter! Not only does this book discuss color theory, it discusses it in terms of fabric: various prints, clear vs grayed, scale, texture, etc. Read my review of this wonderful book. 

The Quilter's Practical Guide to Color

2. Charm School: this book has fantastic ideas for using charm squares, a precut favorite! I loved this book so much, I made three of the patterns, and could have done more. Check out these quilts: Sea Glass, Lickety-Split, and Scrap Happy.

Charm School quilt book

3. Strip Savvy: another favorite book for precut strips, or cut strips from your own stash. I loved this one too, and made three quilts: Summer Picnic, Open Sesame, and Steps.

Strip Savvy quilt book

4. Stash Statement: this is a fabulous book to use up scraps! We all have them - Kelly's technique along with great quilt designs helps turn them into beautiful quilts, such as the Regatta quilt.

Stash Statement quilt book

5. Making Connections - A FreeMotion Quilting Workbook: a simple quilting concept that is built upon to produce a variety of different quilting designs is theme of this book. Useful for all quilters to make beautifully quilted quilts. Check out Joy and Jess.

Making Connections - A Free Motion Quilting Workbook

I hope you've become inspired by these book reviews! Take a look at the Book of the Month tab to see what other books I've featured through the years, what quilts I've made, and what you could make too!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I should follow your example of choosing a book and selecting a pattern to make a quilt. I have the Charm School book, perhaps I could start with that one.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations Susan. Always appreciated. I have the last book, and I would love to make more time to work through it. There are another two on your list that wouldn't take much arm twisting for me to buy. :)

    1. I think the reason these books appeal to me is that they have patterns that are both eye-catching, and easy to put together. And of course, can't forget those great reference books too!


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