Friday, July 13, 2018

The Evolution of a Quilt Design

I got momentarily distracted on Wednesday, when a blog post from Electric Quilt showed up in my inbox. Intrigued by the Arrowhead block shown,

the post showed a couple quilts made from the block and asked what you would design.

Eagerly opening EQ8, I happily started playing. First was this design,

with the values dark in the center, moving to light at the edge. It's ok, though I think it gets a bit washed out. 

Playing with that design a bit more resulted in this one,

which is quite strong due to the large black triangles, plus everything is the same size. And the light value at the edge doesn't do much. This one's a no, so time to move on.

Switching the light/dark placement, resulted in this.

Better, but still not there yet. I like the small amounts of black to add spark, but the border is disconnected to the center.

Opting to fill the corner triangles with color gave me this one,

but it creates a weird corner unit that makes you wonder what's going on, and it still seams disconnected.

After removing those corner triangles, I opted to color those at the center edges, resulting in this.

Exploding Arrowhead by QuiltFabrication

Much better - this one is a winner for me! 

I love that there are four large quadrants that look like petal shapes, connecting the design and making it flow. And I love that 'standing triangle with legs' shape that's created along the center edges. What a fantastic connecting unit!
The balance is now uniform, and it's an intriguing design.

So, now that I've chosen my favorite, what do you think? Should I make it up? Would you want to make this?? And don't say 'yes' to both just to be kind! Honest opinions only!

Let me know in the comments below, and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I wouldn't because it is not "me" but it is a nice design -

  2. I love getting to see the evolution of a design. The corners in the final version still seem a bit disconnected to me and I would try just having the corners empty, I think.

  3. I love playing around in EQ. This is so fun looking!

  4. Looks like a paper piecing design no matter the configuration. Interesting design.

  5. What a fun time you had being creative! I prefer version Two with its strong center,but that’s my love of contrast. The small yellow squares in your final version seem out of place, fading off into the white instead of connecting and being a strong part of that pattern. It’s a lovely blend of colors like flowers.

  6. Yes! You should make it up! No, I wouldn't make it because I am too practical minded and I would have a hard time actually using a quilt with that much white in it. Would be interested in seeing it with a colored background though. Is this a paper pieced block? Or regular piecing?

  7. Yes, I think YOU should make it up - but no, I wouldn't. I'm not a paper piecer and don't like Y-seams!! Maybe one day I'll try paper piecing, though!

    I think the corners look like four white owl heads or maybe funky penguin heads??

    I do like the design a lot! Great job paying around with it!

  8. I like it, but I need lines drawn in to figure out where the block is and where you left out pieces. LOL I do use EQ, so my brain doesn't automatically transform. The only place I can really see the block is in the center. I probably wouldn't make it, but that's not your design, it's the shape. It's interesting to play with, but I wouldn't actually get excited about stitching it. If YOU are excited about stitching it, though, I definitely think you should! Maybe I'd understand it better in fabric. =)


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