Monday, August 13, 2018

Pets on Parade 2018

Warning - cute kitty pictures ahead! 

Winston in the nickel bin

Yep, I'm participating in the 'Pets on Parade 2018' hosted by Lily Pad Quilting.

Above is Winston, my incredibly adorable and oh-so soft kitty - we think he has conditioner in his spit! Oftentimes, he's my fabric analyst,

Winston analyzing fabric

or my block inspector,

Winston inspecting quilt blocks

who wouldn't mind coming with us when we travel.

Winston curled in a suitcase

He's full of sweetness to us, but he can be pesky with his brothers, especially Roscoe.

Roscoe kitty

Poor Roscoe, though older by 5 years, gets picked on by Winston. Some days, he just needs to know he still his Mommy's big guy.

Roscoe love

And then there's Toby. 

Toby lounging on the maple leaves quilt

The one who hides when someone new is in the house, or when there are loud noises. I think he has a mild form of Twitch-Skin syndrome, cause he only likes to be petted around the neck and face.

But he's the one who has the good sense to sleep on a quilt!

Toby on maple leaves

There is one dog I'll share with you, which is Jasper, a quilt I made a year ago.

Jasper by QuiltFabrication

This one was for a special friend's baby, and now is the first time I've shown it. Named for a special dog long ago, this guy was the precursor to Santa's Helper, my Christmas puppy.

Santa's Helper by QuiltFabrication

Isn't he cute?

Santa's Helper I'm so cute

And that's my Pets on Parade for this year! Be sure to hop over to Lily Pad Quilting to see all the other pets!

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  1. Lots of fun pictures here. Our pets are such good company, aren't they.
    xx, Carol

  2. Aww, I love cute pictures of our beloved pets on quilts. One of the most fun link ups of the year!

  3. Oh, I love these photos! I lost my cat, Max, in May and miss him every day! No new kitty here (yet), so I love looking at other pets! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That's a big dose of cuteness. Love those kitties. And your dogs are sweet!

  5. Such fun, sweet pics! Love the adorable kitties AND the doggies...especially Santa's Helper! I especially love Winston! I had a kitty who favored him a lot, named Biscuit (because his head was huge!! just like my Granny's "cathead biscuits!!") Unfortunately, he became ill and had to be laid to rest, but he was the sweetest kitty ever and I miss him a lot.

  6. You really have a menagerie. Ours is comprised of 2 cats and a dog. Love the pics of those gorgeous kitties.


  7. I love the picture of the kitty in the suitcase. Your quilted dogs are wonderful quilts.

  8. Such fun fur creatures! I love that Roscoe. He's beautiful!

  9. Hi Susan! I can't get to Bloglovin' at work any more . . . so I have to remember to read at home, after hours. Boo! Anyway, Roscoe looks a little bit like a troublemaker. And Toby - ooh, he's pretty, but Winston would steal my heart. I'd have to take him with on vacay after finding him in the suitcase like that. How adorbs! Happy Tuesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Such sweet kitties! I used to have cats and loved all their fun antics, but the Monkey Boys are allergic to them so it's just dogs now. I miss how funny they can be. Jaspar and Santa's Helper are adorable quilts!

  11. Sigh. Winston melted my handsome! Oh, I don't mean to leave out the others - they are gorgeous too!
    Thanks for joining the party!
    Snoodles at the Lilypad

  12. Winston fits in the case nicely. What a cutie (as are the others).

  13. Super cute photos of your fur babies!

  14. Your kitties are adorable, and I love your Jasper quilt. What a special thing!

  15. Love your photos of your sweet pets, and the quilts are adorable!!


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