Monday, September 17, 2018

It's All About the Birds

On Friday, I unveiled my newest wall hanging pattern, Welcome to My Birdhouse.

Welcome to My Birdhouse by QuiltFabrication

And many of you commented how you love birds, watching them outside your window, or participating in bird sightings.

In case you didn't already know, I, too, love birds! Outside my studio window, I have two hummingbird feeders, the dish kind from Droll Yankee (affiliate link), for a total of four around the house. 

hummingbird on a Droll Yankee feeder

Usually, there's only one hummer there at a time - the others get chased off. But you can't beat this style of feeder - they're so easy to clean!

In the backyard, we have a terrific squirrel proof feeder for the finches and such.

Squirrel buster feeder

Years ago, my in-laws had bought me a traditional feeder for my birthday, and I tried everything to keep the squirrels out.

Frustrated, we found the Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder (affiliate link) online, 

Squirrel Buster Feeder

which closes up the feeder holes if there's too much weight on the perch. And no more squirrels raiding the feeder! They're confined to cleaning up what drops on the ground, leaving more seed for the birds.

Now back to quilts. Not only do I have the bird houses above, but I also have a quilt featuring those more traditional bird feeders, though I don't think you'll find any squirrels here.

Winterfeed by QuiltFabrication

Winter Feed is my favorite wintertime wall hanging - it can be on display for at least two months. And who can resist seeing pretty red birds during the those long winter months? BTW, this also comes in a kit, if you're interested.

And when I was a more beginner quilter, I made this adorable White Birches quilt, 

White Birches quilt

another winter favorite.

So yes, I like birds. And as I told Wendy, someday I'd love to have a falcon on my hand -they're such awesome birds - maybe I'll take up falconry as my next hobby!

Happy Quilting, and may your feeder always be full!

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  1. I have a feeling the squirrels in my yard would outsmart that feeder. I had a finch feeder hanging from a shepherds hook. They'd manage to fly from a small bush next to the feeder, hang upside down from the top of the feeder, and get the food. Thus, no weight would be bearing down on this style feeder to close the holes!

  2. Your Welcome Birds wall hanging turned out so nice! We love our birds, too. We live about 2 miles from a wildlife refuge and feed so many different varieties. We have a hawk pole in our back pasture and we mounted an american kestrel nesting box on it. So fun to watch those small falcons hunt! In the Willamette Valley, Oregon we have year around hummingbirds as well. Right now I'm making 2 quarts of food per week. Great post, Susan!

  3. Love all of your bird wall hangings, Susan. Cardinals are among my favorite birds, and I especially love hummers. We have several in our yard in the warm months and sometimes into the cooler October and November. But, like yours, there is ONE that chases the others away - even if it's not eating!


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