Friday, September 7, 2018

National Sewing Month

It's now September, and it's also National Sewing Month!

How did I discover this? From my favorite National Day Calendar, that site full of wacky, fun things to celebrate! 

It's where I found out about National Paperclip Day, designing Hold It Together

and creating Whatamelon for National Watermelon Day.

Both silly, but fun!!

But back to National Sewing Month, with it's own dedicated website where you'll find a few free projects and a history of National Sewing Month.

And just how shall we celebrate? Well, here's 10 suggestions:

1. Teach someone to sew, providing the machine and materials as an easy introduction.

2. Make a small project, such as a pouch, mug rug, or notebook cover to give to a special person.

3. Have a sewing party! Invite sewing friends to work on a community project - and don't forget to provide plenty of chocolate!

4. Go to lunch with sewing friends and share your best/worst sewing experience.

5. Take a sewing day - call in sick, order take-out, and just sew all day!

6. Give your machine(s) a spa day. Clean and oil them, or take them in to the shop for any maintenance.

7. Or, treat yourself to a new machine!

8. Visit the fabric store. Splurge on that fabric you've been eyeing, and get to work sewing it!

9. Take a sewing class, either in your local community or online through Craftsy or Creative Bug (no affiliation).

10. Join a sewing guild. Visit to find out more.

That should be enough to get you started - now go do some celebration sewing!

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  1. Great ideas to celebrate National Sewing Month! I'm celebrating with a workshop at a regional quilt show, and then heading to a shop that I've always wanted to visit.

  2. Can I send my husband to you for the month so I can partake without any interruptions?????????????? LOL - I love the paperclip Hold it Together! Maybe next year! I need to go to small quilts!!! Have a great week-end!

  3. Hi Susan! I had to giggle at Chopin's request above - can she send her husband to you for the month so she can enjoy the month? I love and adore the idea of a sewing party #3 as well taking a sewing-sick-day #5. Oooh, too tempting but I have to save my sewing-sick-days for winter and possible blizzard/icy road days. Thank you for sharing all the ideas for celebrating! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Great ways to celebrate sewing month! I will definitely take part by buying some fabric.


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