Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Midweek Makers #157

Welcome to another edition of Midweek Makers, the place to share what you're working on! For me, it's another Quarter Cut quilt, this time in black and white.

A black and white Quarter Cut quilt in progress

Took me an hour just to sew two rows together, cause either I would rotate the row, or put the sashing on the wrong side - guess I'm out of sewing practice after two weeks of vacation. But thank goodness I know how to use a seam ripper - do you? I've touched on it before, but I'm thinking a tutorial is in order for Friday - who's in??

Now, since I'm still in the donation quilt mode, there were two link-ups last week doing the same. Marie of QuiltBee is making adorable house blocks to send to Paradise, CA.

                                                       house quilt block: QuiltBee

If you're interested in making/sending a house block, her post includes links to the instructions for making the house blocks, and the address of the quilt shop collecting them - be sure to check it out.

Another quilter who's clearing out her stash making donation quilts is Micki at Two Dogs Studio. This is one of several she's made.


Last but not least, is Jen of DeJong Dream House. Some of you may know Jen's brain injury story, and that she requires a lot of help. For her, making and giving quilts is how she returns the favor. Though this quilt is a gift for her sister's first baby, I have to show it off because it's Jen's version of my Welcome to My Birdhouse pattern!


She mirrored it to make a baby quilt - how cool is that?? And I just love the colors she chose - great job Jen!

Now on to sharing for this week - come link up!
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Thanks for stopping by, and have fun at the party!

PS -- Happy Birthday Linda Sue!

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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! to the Quarter Cut quilt in black and makes my heart sing :) So question are we tutorial-ing seam ripping or Quarter Cut :P

  2. The black and white quarter cut quilt is awesome!

  3. Hi, Susan! I will add my voice to the chorus of praise for your quarter cut quilt. It looks great in black and white, and you've got the balance, value and contrast just right for all of the different fabrics to play nicely together. I would love to learn your seam ripping tips in a tutorial. Please also share if you have a favorite seam ripper. The last couple that i picked up from notions walls of JoAnn's and LQS shops were duds -- either too dull, point too thick to slide under small stitches, or SCARY sharp attack weapon/scalpels!

  4. Hi Susan! Ooh, I really enjoy this black and white version. Those are some fun fabrics, and I know the final recipient will just love. I also adore Jen's version of your bird houses. So cute and clever. Happy Wednesday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I think its that time of year for mistakes in piecing. I've made several in the last couple of weeks, more than the whole rest of the year combined. Must be the after effects of the holidays!

  6. For ripping, have you seen the Kai brand seam remover? Love it, it works like a dream.

  7. Susan, Love your new gallery of photos at the top of your blog. Those strawberries are one of my faves!

  8. I love that you appreciate your pattern being modified to suit Jen's need. I've been known to take a table full of patterns by different designers and putting them all together, seriously I have. It was nothing personal against the designer either. Thank you so much for the linky party.

  9. oooh...I like the black and white version.

  10. The black and white is quite striking.
    I also liked your seam ripper post...something we all have and sadly, have to use from time to time. Some of us more than others, Sigh.


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