Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Midweek Makers #160

Welcome to Midweek Makers! Who's up for sharing this week? I am!

I've got quilting to show on the Summer quilt pattern, though with my color choices, I'm calling it Summer Ocean.

quilting progress on Summer Ocean

Lots of ruler work, and lots of stops and starts - what was I thinking?? Though a ton of work, I'm sure it will look fantastic when it's done - check out the Summer Ocean post.

And this week I'm featuring black and white quilts, since I just made two for Paradise, CA. Take a look at these black and white beauties from last week's Midweek Makers:

from Kathleen McMusing,


from Song Bird Designs,

from That Fabric Feeling,


and from Paula B Quilts.


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Have fun at the party!

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  1. I love ruler work quilting! It is a lot of starts and stops but this is going to look so good when you are finished :)

  2. I believe that we get out of any project what we put into it, time and effort-wise. The quilting already looks fabulous. Ia m sure the quilt will be spectacular!

  3. The blues are gorgeous! I often wonder 'what was I thinking' with my quilting...but it usually works out and well worth it!

  4. I love your quilting. I haven't attempted ruler work yet. But I know I won't like all the starts and stops.

  5. The quilting really adds visual interest to this quilt Susan!

  6. Keep up that wonderful quilting. Yes, ruler work generally causes a lot of starts and stops but oh the finished look is fabulous!

  7. I'm a few days late to the party but I thought you wouldn't mind. Love your blog and thanks for hosting!

  8. I'm late to the party also - but I finally made it!!! Thanks so much for the feature, Susan! Love your Summer Ocean. I love quilting with rulers! Your quilting looks awesome!


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