Friday, January 18, 2019

Summer Quilt Update

Remember a few weeks ago I choose Quilt Giving as my January Book of the Month choice?

Quilt Giving by Deborah Fisher

And that I was keen on making the Summer quilt pattern?

Summer quilt pattern from Quilt Giving book

Well, I'm happy to report I've done the fabric pull and have the squares cut and I'm ready to start sewing. 

fabric pieces for the Summer quilt in blue and aqua

I decided to use different colors for my quilt - blues that are close to navy, and blue aquas. Once again, the quilt will be a baby sized version, as I need to add to my baby boy stash of quilts for hubby's coworkers.

I also fished through some older prints that had both colors in them to use for the corner pieces. Though not baby-ish, they should add a nice bit of sparkle.

And a couple more updates: two more quilts are done for Paradise, CA, for a total of 9. I'll show those on Monday, as it been too rainy and wet to go outside and take pictures.

The other update is the new Midweek Makers link up coding will go back to the old style. It appears a lot of people were having trouble linking up, so I'll use the old format as long as I can until Inlinkz shuts it down.

That's it for now - I'm off to sew!

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  1. Hi Susan! Ooh that fabric pull for Summer Quilt looks so delicious. Can't wait to see you get started on this. That pattern looks fun, and I'm also looking forward to your donation quilts! You have been rocking them, and I know they are/will be MUCH appreciated. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I ordered the book based on your review and it is great. I'm a beginning quilter and the quilts are "fairly easy" but beautiful. Thank you for your blog.


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