Monday, June 10, 2019

2019 Fair Winners!

It's early June, which means the fair is in town. It also means lots of quilt entries by me, because, well, I quilt. A lot. 

This year, I had an entry for just about every class in several divisions, with only two sets of quilts competing against each other. Trust me - I don't set out each year to specifically make quilts for class entries. It just happened that way this year, for a total of 14 quilts.

Upon walking into the quilt show (which has close to 400 quilts), the first division displayed was the Mini Me Challenge quilts. And look there - Petunia Patch 1/Mini placing 3rd! Certainly did not expect that - it shows on my face!

Petunia Patch Mini Me Challenge

The next two we saw were Summer Ocean and Going In Circles, both in the Modern category - neither of them placed, which is ok, because I don't consider myself to be a full blown Modern quilter. But the quilt that won was impressive! (Sorry - no picture because I don't have the owner's permission)

While viewing all the wonderful quilts, we were struck by how many were in a 'computerized quilting class'. If they were quilted by a computer, they had to go there, divided into classes by size. Seems half of the quilts in the show appeared in this category - fortunately, I don't quilt by computer.

Next, hubby and I came upon Fright Night, placing 3rd,

Fright Night by QuiltFabrication

and Regatta (which is really not this grey blue), placing 2nd.

Regatta quilt

Then there was Ladybug Dance in for raw edge applique, with an Honorable Mention ribbon.

Ladybug Dance by QuiltFabrication

Hubby was disappointed, until I pointed out to him that the quilt is a 50/50 mix of applique and piecing. The winners were 95% applique, and quite lovely, thereby deserving of their wins.

Turning the corner, our next big surprise was Mediterranean Rose, entered in for hand applique. Not only did it receive a 1st, but also a rosette for Best Applique Quilt! Wow!

Mediterranean Rose by QuiltFabrication

And the surprises kept coming! Further down the aisle was the 5th Grade quilt, with an Honorable Mention, and also a big rosette for Best Use of Blue! Go figure!

5th Grade Quilt

And 5th Grade happened to be a late entry. Believe it or not, I had to make sure I had it before entering, because I thought I had given it away.

Moving down the line of quilts in the same class, the 5th Grade's quilt competitor, Hunter's Star, was hanging with a 2nd place award - didn't expect that!

Hunter's Star by QuiltFabrication

Ok, this is getting old, isn't it? Remember there are 14 quilts - bear with me for a couple more!

Finally we get to the table runners, and there's Clover with a 1st, which I was hoping for because of the quilting,

Clover Runner by QuiltFabrication

and Sunflowers with an Honorable Mention. 

Sunflower Runner by QuiltFabrication

I must confess, I ruined Sunflowers chances of placing higher by darkening in some eyelashes on the back with a Sharpie. Guess what happened? It bled through to the front, leaving little black marks in the background. Not sure if I can fix that -  I may just have to live with my mistake. Live and learn.

And the last two, in different classes, are Hold It Together, with a 1st,

Hold It Together by QuiltFabrication

and Welcome to My Birdhouse with a 2nd.

Welcome to My Birdhouse by QuiltFabrication

Am I done? With the quilts, yes. But there's one more item - I decided to enter in two jams, Apricot/Pineapple and Apricot with Grand Marnier. The Grand Marnier placed 2nd - guess they like unusual flavor combinations!

Apricot Grand Marnier jam

Phew! Now I'm done. This is my big quilt showing for this year, with 7 original designs. I may enter one quilt into one show later this year - we'll see. And that will be it until next year.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Congrat! It's easy to see why they placed or won.

  2. They are all beautiful, whether they won or not!

  3. What a great year at the fair. Your quilts are gorgeous. You look awesome. LOVE your smile--it says it all.

  4. Wow you cleaned house with all your ribbons-congrats on a job well done!!

  5. Hi Susan! What a trip down memory lane you took us - it's like a recap of all your fun finishes from the year. I forgot about some of my favorites, and have to say I'm surprised that you didn't place higher on some of the pieces. Congrats to you on all of your ribbons and even a win on your jam. You are so very talented - I can see why you won. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Wow! Congratulations! You deserved them all! Even the jam!

  7. Congratulations, Susan. All of them are well-deserved. I like them all but the bird house is my top favorite!

  8. Whoo go girl! Well done! Your always 1st place in my mind with your stunning works.

  9. Congratulations, Susan!! That is indeed awesome! I love entering quilts at the fair. All of your quilts are gorgeous whether or not they won a ribbon!

    Our guild show is coming up this Friday and Saturday and I'm anxious to see if any of my three win anything! Fingers crossed!!

  10. Congratulations, all well deserved awards.

  11. Congratulations, Susan. All are well deserved honors. It’s nice to see you get recognized for your awesome pieces.

  12. Congratulations on your many ribbons! You know, it was nice to see your a walk down Memory Lane.Thank you for sharing your successes and beautiful quilts!

  13. That is a lot of quilts for a year, and not all are small. The applique looks quite detailed. Love the bird houses; the variation in width between quilting lines really sets it apart.

  14. WOW Susan - so happy to see hard work pay off! Your deserve all the accolades you received! I knew that the Mediterranean Rose would win - it is beautiful!

  15. Congratulations, Susan! I would expect no less from you. I just love your quilts and quilting.
    And Mediterranean Rose, well it's just plain gorgeous!

  16. You are a first place winner in my mind! As the year goes by it’s easy to forget what you’ve done already. You have done a remarkable job with that number of quilts.

  17. Congratulations! Your quilts are so inspiring because they're "doable"! I love to get ideas from your blog.

  18. How awesome!! I think that is so great! And so glad you entered as many as you could!! encourages everyone!


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