Monday, August 12, 2019

Playing Catch-up

I have been busy the last 7 weeks, mostly chasing squirrels!

dog chasing a squirrel

At the beginning of July, I was fully on track with my quilting schedule until the first squirrel entered my life:  the Holiday Stars place mats and runner. I couldn't resist another 4th of July, red, white, and blue project!

                                   Holiday Star place mats and table runner by QuiltFabrication

And this was a good squirrel, well worth chasing cause I really love how they turned out - they stayed on my table until just last week.

The next squirrel to take up residence in the house is my Round Robin chicken quilt - I had so much fun creating a chicken house!

                                  full chicken coop quilt center by QuiltFabrication

This quilt is still in progress, and one I'm playing catch-up on. The next round is 'quilter's choice', and I have no idea of what I want. So, this squirrel will be hanging around a bit.

Then there was the prep for my guild's Summer Camp, which created another squirrel in the form of more place mats. Had to turn my binding samples into something useful - these playful place mats.

                                   animal place mats by QuiltFabrication

And the last two squirrels I chased were sisters, each wanting something special to celebrate National Watermelon Day on August 3. One squirrel sister asked for a table runner and is very pleased with Watermelon Twist,

                                    Watermelon Twist Table Runner by QuiltFabrication

while the other squirrel sister wanted a quilt for a picnic or to snuggle under - she's thrilled with Watermelon Delight.

                                    Watermelon Delight by QuiltFabrication

Now that most of the squirrels are happy (the Round Robin quilt is being patient), I'm hoping to catch up on the second Book of the Month quilt from the Accent on Angles book, which should have been started in June. Hopefully I can get that finished before a new group of squirrels stops by - fall is coming!

Do you have any squirrels to chase this week? Hope they make for happy quilting!

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  1. A little squirrel popped up while I was organizing some scraps/remnants this weekend. Be careful though, just when you think they are happy, they invite friends over!

  2. Your watermelon quilts keep getting bigger! They are wonderful!

  3. Ah, Susan -- YOU do not have squirrels distracting you, because all of these things were quilty goodness of one kind or another! I have had squirrels from outer space distracting me, on the other hand. I'm supposed to drive to Appalachian State University in 3 days, leave my firstborn child there, and drive away. I am freaked out by this to the point that I don't REALLY believe it's happening, and yet it's causing me to make some really weird, atypical (for me) decisions. Like paying someone to glue eyelash extensions on my face on Monday, for lots of money that could have been better spent on fabric. It took two hours for her to finish, and when I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror I looked like a scary CLOWN. So I went back today and had them all removed, but that's $$$ down the toilet and two days wasted that I could have been sewing... And some dark corner of my mind probably orchestrated all of that to distract me from the impending Child Abandonment. I feel like the dad in Hansel & Grethel, plotting to take my little boy far up into the mountains and leave him there to fend for himself against wicked witches in candy houses. Ugh -- I know this is all supposed to be good stuff, but it's making my tummy hurt anyway!! ANYWAY... Your place mats and table runner are adorable and your sisters are lucky to have you. I need to get my head back in the game, lock my phone and my wallet in a drawer to keep me from getting myself into anymore ill-conceived beauty treatment disasters, and find some fabric to fiddle with to restore whatever sanity is left to me!!


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