Monday, October 28, 2019

Off to Houston

Finishing up the prepping and packing for my first trip to Quilt Festival, Houston - it's just too exciting!

I signed up for 3 days of classes, choosing those that don't require the schlepping of tons of fabric, or lots of sewing - I do plenty of that at home!

Instead, I'm making a pet pattern from a photo, using one (or more) of my guys, Winston, Toby, or Roscoe, as my subjects.

Roscoe may be a bit blurry, and I'm not sure if there's enough contrast to work with, but I'll do the best I can. This is a 'part 1' class, with the actual working with fabric on another day, which I'm not attending. So don't expect a finished quilt!

Next up, is Confetti Naturescapes with Noriko Endo, a technique I've always been fascinated with, but haven't tried - and now is my chance! For this one, I just have to bring tools, not fabric. Check out her work at

And the last is a fast-paced EQ8 class for designers. Hoping to learn something new in EQ.

Now, packing supplies. The list for the pet portrait is straight forward:  eraser, mechanical pencil, fine-tip sharpie, ultra fine sharpie, painter's tape, 8 x 10 color photo, and 18 x 22 black and white photo - easy peasy.

The Confetti Naturescapes has some issues, mainly with getting some things on the plane. This class requires fabric cutting scissors, thread snips, pins, safety pins, small trash bag, 45mm rotary cutter, cutting mat, ruler, and seam ripper. 

Did you know there's a TSA website that details everything you can bring on a plane - how handy! Looking up 'scissors', I see that I can carry on a pair as long as they are less than 4" from the pivot point. I've have one that's 2.75", which will have to work as the fabric cutting pair. If I have to turn them over, then it's not such a big loss, as I have several at home. Nice that times have changed, unlike years ago, when I had to give up the little tiny pair my Mom had given me. Silly, but it made me cry to lose those.

Anyway, the same goes for pins, safety pins, and the seam ripper. Those will be items I won't be concerned about parting with, and can find there.

As for the rotary cutter, I'll remove the blade and place it in a plastic holder. If that doesn't fly, again, I can buy a blade there. 

And that's about all I'll need to pack for classes, along with all the other necessities of travel. Now onto the plane!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Enjoy. The weather is wonderful right now, but it is always a day by day thing this time of year! I am looking forward to seeing what you have learned!

  2. Safe travels and can't wait to hear all about your adventure.

  3. Have a blast!!! Your classes sound like they will be lots of fun to take and I'm looking forward to you sharing what you learned with some new quilts for us to drool over!!

  4. Have a wonderful time in Houston. Your classes sound very interesting and varied. Enjoy looking at the quilt display too.

  5. Hi Susan, hope you have an amazing time.

  6. Oh how I wish I could go too! I hope you have a great time there.

  7. Have fun - it will be cool there and probably some rain on Wednesday and Thursday! Another year that I won't be going... Maybe when I turn 80! LOL


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