Monday, November 25, 2019

New Project in the Works

I've been doing a bit of cleaning in the studio recently in preparation for a room update happening over Thanksgiving. And I came across a bunch of paint color palettes I pulled from Home Depot a few years ago, 

paint palette inspiration

and thought, hmm, I should use one of these as the inspiration for my next project. 

Though I've made two Christmas-y items recently, I still can't let go of fall colors, which is why I chose the palette above. Full of olive greens, rich golds, and a smattering of a reddish brown, this just says Fall.

Wanting this project to be quick, easy, and a fabric hog, I'm shooting for a large lap size. As for the quick and easy, I'm working with 10" squares, because that's the size of squares in a layer cake. And who doesn't like cake??? No pumpkin pie here!

Anyway, I've set about cutting squares, then cutting them on the diagonal, to come up with this as a layout:

quilt layout

so far, so good. Like it?

Now to find the reddish browns in the stash, and I'll see where this goes. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll get it done before Thanksgiving, just before all the Christmas decorations come out. I'll have more to show on Wednesday.

Also, as part of my studio clean out, today thru Dec 3, take 40% off all quilts in my Etsy shop - free shipping included!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I think it looks great. I want to pull some paint chips from Home Depot (the 2020 Behr colors of the year) and do something very similar!

  2. Smart pants! I need to go visit Home Depot paint Dept for new quilts! Going to be pretty! Hugs

  3. Yes, like it! ;)) Pretty colors all together

  4. Very nice! I was doing a little deep cleaning and came across an envelope full of color chips, too! I just threw mine away. 😏

  5. Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Thank you for providing these details.

    Nahid |


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