Friday, November 15, 2019

Taking It Easy but Still Working Away

Yup, my cold is still hanging around, though at least I can now taste food. I do wish my eyes would improve - they weep and sting. Ugh. But that hasn't held me back from getting some things done.

First up was quilting another one of Helen's Halloween quilts, though this one is a panel and has fleece for a backing.

Helen's Halloween panel quilt

I tried to keep the quilting more open with light custom work in the panel, and the same spider webs I used in Fright Night in the borders. Though a bit past the season, this quilt is now ready to snuggle under!

When that was done, I started playing with the white cut out pieces from the Christmas Trees wall hanging. Ah, but I had cut them out of the tree outline with no fusible on the back. No worries - an easy fix! I just traced the pieces onto the fusible, making them a wee bit bigger. The help of my Teflon pressing sheet (affiliate link)

took care of any fusible residue. The pieces just needed a clean up trimming around the fabric as a final touch. Did I think to take a picture of this? Nope - sorry.

And then I made some more pieces, the proper way, because the project I'm dreaming up needs more than the three I had. The pieces are now placed and ready for the final fuse, as shown below.

snow capped trees project by QuiltFabrication

Now I'm off to do some serious edge stitching - hope I can see what I'm doing. More to show next week!

Have a great weekend quilting!

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  1. Feel better soon! This is going to be gorgeous! I can already tell!

  2. Here's hoping that you get better in 2 days! I know that if you are like me there is just no time for sickness and especially one that keeps us from sewing!

  3. Sorry to hear that you're sick. Feel better soon.

  4. I hope you will be better soon. Great appliqué!


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