Friday, December 6, 2019

A Wild Week!

This week, I feel like I'm running my own personal marathon, sometimes going at lightening speed like this cheetah.

Good thing my long lasting cold is almost gone, or I wouldn't have any energy for everyone's projects.

Notice I said everyone's projects. None of what I'm racing about for is my stuff, otherwise I'd have a bunch of blog posts ready to go, time to visit with all the Midweek Makers party-goers, some time for creative thinking, and just general quilting. But hey, to quilt for others is part of what I do!

Here's a run down since Midweek Makers early Wednesday. I spent all of that day focused on the t-shirt quilt, doing the final shirt trimming and piecing it all together. I really wanted to end the day with the top complete, and almost hit that goal. Just had top and bottom borders to put on Thursday morning. I'm sneaking in a picture of the back - not all that exciting, but at least you can see the piecing.

t-shirt quilt backside

This measures 73" x 98", and how I wish I could show a picture of the front, cause it turned out awesome!

I was so hoping to get it quilted Thursday. Unfortunately, I only got as far as resizing and printing the panto for hand guided quilting, making the back, and getting it loaded on the frame. Guess the quilting part was asking too much.

But Thursday saw a good interruption to the plan - making up more kits for the Winter Feed wall hanging. 

Winter Feed wall hanging by QuiltFabrication

I had just sold the last in-stock kit, and before it left the house, I wanted to make sure my folding and packaging looked the same. And given the kit's popularity last year, I made up 9 this round.

kits for the Winter Feed wall hanging

And last, but not least, this blog post. Such a sinking feeling when the day is drawing to a close, and I realize there is no post ready for tomorrow. But at least this post explains the craziness in my house right now, and it won't be much calmer next week with 2 small quilts, plus a large one, all for customers, to do. Hopefully, I can show pictures of those!

And, of course, don't even mention Christmas shopping and all the parties - hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. something about a cardinal says winter/Xmas to me - I have a small wall hanging I did some years ago and still use it each year

  2. I totally get it! But like you said it is what we do and we love what we do!!


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