Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy 4th of July!

Wishing everyone a very safe 4th of July holiday! 

fireworks collage

Though the current pandemic keeps us from family cookouts and fireworks shows, it doesn't mean we have to stop the celebration. I'm still plan on having a burger and watching fireworks on TV.

For us quilters, though, the celebration also includes viewing patriotic themed quilts full of red, white, and blue - my favorites! Fellow quilt friends of mine through Facebook have put together two videos featuring wonderful patriotic quilts. Take a look them on YouTube and see if you can spot two of mine, Patriotic Wave and Fireworks

For the links to quilters and/or the patterns, here's the list from video 1

              True Blue Quilts –Starlit Night Skies

              KISSed Quilts – Flyover – Dangling Diamonds

              Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs – Harbor Lights

              Appliques Quilts and More – American Flag with Eagle

              Patti’s Patchwork – Panel Plus (option 1)

              Puppy Girl Designs – Fly like an Eagle

              Dragonfly’s Quilting Design Studio – Patriotic Friends

              Blue Bear Quilts – Firework Flowers

              QuiltFabrication – Patriotic Wave runner

              Masterpiece Quilting – Patriotic Stars

And here's the list for video 2

              Appliques Quilts and More – Flag with Military Silhouettes

              Patti’s Patchwork – Panel Plus (option 2)

              QuiltFabrication – Fireworks

              Appliques Quilts and More – Military Quilt

              Your Sewing Friend – Patriotic Waves

              Textile Time Travels – Home of the Brave

              Charisma’s Corner – Homebase

              Blue Bear Quilts – Sparklers on Liberty Square

              Sugar Free Quilts – LOVE Quilt

              Wendt Quilting – R-W-B Boise

Enjoy the day!

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