Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Midweek Makers #234

Welcome to the Midweek Makers linky party! My share this week is, drum roll please ... absolutely nothing! Take a look at my cutting table: depending how you look at it, it's either incredibly clean, or I'm uninspired to start a new project. 

cutting table and Innova quilting machine in QuiltFabrication's studio

For the moment, let's go with option 1, incredibly clean. I'm sticking with the story that it just makes for a better view:  of the hummingbird fights over the feeders, the birdhouse that the nuthatches have piled full of redwood hair only to just visit and serenade me with their singing, the lovely blooms of 4 of my 52 orchids, or of numerous neighbors walking by with masks on. But soon, that table will be cluttered again, and my attention directed away from what's outside.

In all honesty, I actually have four projects fighting for my attention over the next month, with most in the design stage on the computer right now. Those that are close to the testing phase won't be stitched up just yet, because for deadline reasons, the others come first. But I am excited that one project finished up yesterday, though without a fabric version, for a big reveal next Tuesday - I think you're going to like what's in store!

Until then, did everyone see the medallion style quilts last week? How about this beauty, using John Deere panels, from Gretchen's Little Corner?

Or this customer quilt that Kathy, from Kathy's Quilting Blog, quilted?

Or this quilted beauty from Kat of Scrapbox Quilts?

And this now-in-progress UFO from Mari at The Academic Quilter?

They're all so lovely!

Now it's your turn! What do you have to share this week??
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Have fun at the party!

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  1. Masks...the new normal! I always have a sense of accomplishment when my space is all cleaned up. Probably because it's a clean slate. I know it won't stay that way for long!

  2. Hope you find some inspiration soon. I have no energy to sew either at the moment, my mind is too full...

  3. I'd love a clean cutting table. LOL I'd love a clean sewing room too. ha ha ha ha Good luck with the new designs.

  4. Oh yes! I love a cleared off cutting table as well. My brain is working, planning and preparing for the fun ahead. Meanwhile, my table breathes in the fresh air! Beautiful view!

  5. Clean is good. Sometimes we just have to pause to get revved up. You have been busy so enjoy the respite. I am sure you will be sewing soon.


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