Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Midweek Makers #240

Welcome to Midweek Makers! Time to show off those projects we're working on! For me, it's revisiting a quilt I designed in June for my backpacking-loving son.

Midweek Makers on a camping scene by QuiltFabrication

I was hoping to have it at least started (and finished) by now, but so many other projects came up that it took a back burner on the camping stove. Though I liked my original tent design, something about it bothered me. 

green trees and an orange tent by QuiltFabrication
                                                                      VERSION 1

It doesn't make me feel like I am there, and it's taken me 6 weeks to figure that out. So I redesigned the tent (version 2) and feel much better about it.

I've sent both ideas to my son, asking him which he likes, and would appreciate your input too. Leave a comment as simple as Version 1 or Version 2, making sure which is which. And sorry for all the watermarks. After having images of my quilts stolen to make cheap knock-off versions, I'm a bit more careful about my pictures.

Let's move on to to see some stars. And not only on the quilts below, but in the sky. If you live in area that will have clear, dark skies, the Perseid meteor shower is peaking August 11 and 12 with up 100 shooting stars an hour - wow! I'll probably be in bed at the best time, but hopefully I'll sight a few during my early morning run. Until then, let's see some stars on  quilts.

from Sew Preeti Quilts,

Tony Ray quilt by Sew Preeti Quilts

from Sewmotion,

Christmas bunting from SewMotion

and from Quilting and Learning.

star block from Quilting and Learning

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Happy Quilting!

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  1. Love the camping theme! I think I'm leaning towards #1, but either one is fantastic!

  2. Either way will be cute but version 1 is what I would choose personally. Thank you for the linky party. My list of to-dos feels enormous right now and although I know I will get everything completed in time it makes me very anxious. We'll both find normalcy again soon.

  3. I like version 2 better. The tent fills more of the space and is in better proportion with the trees.

  4. I prefer version 2. I like that tent the best!

  5. Both are nice, but I like I prefer #2. Great design.

  6. Absolutely version #2 - the side view of the tent offsets the trees surrounding it as its a completely different size & color. To me version #1 is cute, but the tent from the front is the same shape as the trees, it doesn't stand out as much.
    Love the idea! Deb E / CA

  7. Ohhhh....version one looks so homey and welcoming!

  8. Love #2 - "my flap is always open" More centered, smaller, better proportion, pleasing symmetrical design. But you can make an entire campground using both and face them in different directions as well, use a couple different shades/colors (glam-ping tent?) Either way it's going to be great fun.

    1. Now those are some great ideas, though I'll have to save them for another quilt. Being that this is for my son, he ventures out to very deserted places, where it's him and one other. Camping in a group is not his thing!

  9. I like version 2. The Perseid Meteor showers have been fun to watch. Very colorful, even with the moon rise getting in the way. At 3:30 this morning I counted 20 in 15 minutes. The idea of Peacemeal to make a whole campground makes me think of the scouts who use our tree farm for their camp outings. As the kids get older, they get more creative in their tent placement.

  10. I like the preview of your quilt and think the change was perfect.

  11. Susan, I absolutely love both of the camping patterns! The first, a single camper, the 2nd for a couple or family. Please safe, or use,design both! I’d buy either in a heart beat for my camping friends.

  12. Whoops, Susan, meant...please save or use both both designs. I feel they actually could be used in the same quilt. My husband is a wildland firefighter, and they sleep in their own tents out on assignment, all sizes and shapes, colors. I’d use both in a quilt for him,with some Smokey the Bear fabric I found this summer. It’d be a perfect combination!


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