Friday, September 11, 2020

Seeing Red for RSC

I'm jumping around a lot this month, and it's back to the blocks for RSC2020. For the month of September, the color is red, one of my favorite colors! Let just say I'm happy to move on from the purple/indigo/violet issue of last month.

Continuing on with my pinwheel theme, I've got a great looking red one, plus the not-sure-what-I'm-going-to-do-with-these square blocks.

red pinwheel and square blocks

Doesn't it look pretty with the others from the previous months?

9 different color pinwheel blocks set on point

I really like the on-point setting, and the color arrangement works well here too. Though I may go back to my first idea from a few months ago, with setting blocks in between. There's still plenty of time to figure the setting out, right?

pinwheels on point with empty blocks in between

As for the red blocks for the Rainbow Celilo quilt, I'm cheating right now and going with the reds I've already made.

red rectangle and square block

Hopefully, I'll have some time later this month to work on another color for Celilo.

A few more things to note before we part:

  • tomorrow, enter to win a copy of the Quilter's Project Planner
  • 'FALL2020' coupon for 30% off Fall Leaves pattern expires September 15
  • Hello Fall blog hop hosted by Creatin' In the Sticks starts September 21
  • Download the free Candy Corn pattern now thru September 30. For those who signed up for the QFab newsletter last month and are eagerly awaiting their free pattern, the link will be in the September 22 issue.
That's all for now - Happy Quilting!

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  1. Love the on point too - makes them look taller and thinner! I like the spaces, lets in more light and lets each block sing it's own song. Thanks.


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