Monday, May 17, 2021

More FREE US State Quilt Blocks (36-42)

Today, it's catch up time with the FREE US State quilt blocks. My last post in March featured block #35 which was my pine tree block for the state of Maine. 

green pine tree on blue quilt block

If you're just joining in on the US state block collecting, this post will first feature blocks 36 thru 42, then list all my previous posts so you can see and download blocks 1 thru 34. 

Block 35, my Maine state pine tree paper pieced block seen above is still available as a free download - just click on the highlighted title and enjoy! Please consider signing up to have QuiltFabrication posts delivered right to your inbox via so you don't miss out on any future blocks or other quilting goodies!

Now we'll fly away from Maine and enjoy some balloon time in New Mexico, then move on to US State blocks 36 - 42.

New Mexico, block 36, from Windmill Quilts

New Hampshire, block 37, from One Quilting Circle

New York, block 38, from Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio

Maryland, block 39, from Flying Parrot Quilts

Delaware, block 40, from Orange Blossom Quilt

West Virginia, block 41, from Appliques, Quilts, and More

South Carolina, block 42, from Stitched In Purple.

And that's it for now! Head over to these posts to collect blocks 1-35, complete with links and images. 

Keeping Up with the Free USA blocks (1-9)

More Free USA Quilt Blocks (10-14)

More Free US State Quilt Blocks (15-20)

More Free US State Quilt Blocks (21-30)

Maine Pine Tree State (31-35)

There's still more to come, with 10 more blocks to go plus a bonus - sign up to have posts delivered to your inbox!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Thanks so much for recapping the list. I missed a few because I had no filing system. Learning curve!
    Thanks again

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