Saturday, February 21, 2015

Spinning Seams

Still moving right along with all of my projects, though slowly because hand stitching binding is taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R! But I did get some time to sew today, completing Step 2 of the Irish Chain Twist Quilt-along, hosted by Happy Quilting Melissa.

This step was to trim the blocks to size, making the trims wonky.  I have to admit that wonky is not quite my thing, so I cut them all even and the same. Boring, yes, but that's me!

And look at the huge pile of trimmings in the corner!
What a shame to cut off soo much.  Took a great amount of will power to toss it too.  Oh, well, I'll let this one go.

Melissa likes to press her seams open, and again, that's not me.  I pressed to one side, so that the pairs nested, then sewed the joining seam.  Trimming a few stitches allowed the seams to spin, creating a nice flat center!  
Want to see how?  

Unsew the few stitches in the seams that are stitched across by the long joining seam.

Tease the seams apart, and press the bottom seam to the left, and the top to the right, such that all seams press in the same direction.

And there you have it!  A nice flat center!  Try it on your next block!

Happy Quilting!


  1. That's the first seam spinning tutorial that I've seen that I "get" ... and I've seen a lot. ;-)

  2. Looking good! I am not a wonky girl either, but I thought I'll try it this one time. I hated to toss all those trimmings too.

  3. These blocks are really eye catching! I try to spin my centers most of the time too - thanks for the reminder.

  4. They look fantastic Susan!!! Way to get them all trimmed and sewn ;) And sorry for the larger pile of trimming, the blocks are sewn larger so you can angle them when trimming. Glad you are making it your own and something you will love ;)

  5. I love how those blues POP against the b & w background - it looks luminous! Going to be really pretty I think...


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