Friday, May 12, 2017

Hanging Sleeve Mania!

Seven hanging sleeves. Yep, seven. That's what I get for entering so many quilts into the fair.

The fun part -making up the sleeves! Referring back to my Hanging Sleeve Tutorial from a couple years ago, I put the pedal to the floor and had all seven sewn up, ready to go in under an hour. What a jackrabbit I am - woohoo!

Enter the turtle, the slow part - hand stitching to the quilt backs. We've heard it before - slow and steady wins the race. The only thing I'm racing against is the clock! This is definitely a sit-in-front-of-the-TV kind of project, so as not to take precious time away from major sewing. 

But as everyone knows, quilts need sleeves in order to hang in a show, though I have extra reasons to get this done now: 
a) these quilts need get off the spare bedroom floor,
b) I need the floor space in said room to continue with the aqua scrap quilt, and 
c) hubby would like to keep the door open to said room, which is shut to keep cat hair off of the quilts,
d) and though they haven't said anything, I'm sure the kitties would like to lay in the afternoon sunshine in that room. 

Good reasons to get this accomplished this weekend, don't you think? Hope your weekend is better!


  1. Susan, I put my hanging sleeves on by machine using Lee Heinrich's method. She has a tutorial. I am careful so that no stitches (well maybe a rare one) show on the front of the quilt. (I cover those with matching fabric markers.) I can get a sleeve stitched on in just a short while. Hand stitching takes so... long.


    1. Thanks for the tip Cynthia - I'll have to give this a try, though I don't have the proper foot for it. A bit of improv is necessary!

  2. My sleeves are made the same way with one additional step. After ironing the folds and before sewing the long seam, I sew a basting stitch along the sides. The basting goes quickly and then I have firm straight edges to hand sew down and when finished, the basting stitch is easily removed.

  3. happy stitching not sure if you enjoy hand stitching I know some quilters don`t but I find it relaxing, off to check out your tutorial again


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