Thursday, May 4, 2017

Pixie Sticks Blocks

Here's four Pixie Sticks blocks to show off!

Four Pixie Sticks blocks

Starting out with scrap strip sets and a pretty background, these are coming together nicely. And hooray for using up scraps and yardage!

For variety, I made up 5 different strip sets, and switched up the placement in each of them. 

Pixie Sticks untrimmed block

And for speed of construction and consistency, all blocks were stacked and cut at the same time. Working one strip at a time, the blocks went together easily as they are over-sized to allow for imperfect edge matching. Once everything was sewn together, the blocks were trimmed to the correct size.

Pixie Sticks block

I wish I could give you more details about sizes and such, but that wouldn't be fair to the author of the Stash Lab (affiliate link) book. But I think you can get the drift on how this is put together.

The Pixie Sticks pattern calls for the addition of a side strip to each block, to make a table runner. I won't have enough fabric for that and more blocks, so choosing the more blocks option. I'm thinking baby quilt - go figure. Goodness knows I have enough aqua scraps for that! 

This is a really fun way to use up those scraps - give it a try!

Happy Quilting!


  1. I think the background fabric enhances the strips, this is going to make a pretty baby quilt.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes together in the end!

  3. This is going to make for a very pretty baby quilt. Sounds like it sews up pretty quickly too.

  4. Lovely colors, and a great way to use scraps. Looks like a fun pattern and project!

  5. cute blocks, the focus fabric is so lovely!

  6. Fabulous! Those look incredible and such great colors.

  7. this is very effective must check out the book when I go to the quilt show in august


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