Monday, February 22, 2021

Stay at Home Round Robin - Log Cabin

Welcome back for round 6 of Quilting Gail's Stay at Home Round Robin. This week is my block choice, log cabin.

round robin quilt with 6 rounds

I bet your looking at this round and wondering, huh? I'll admit, even though this round features my block choice, this is probably my least favorite round, for several reasons.

While I like the green, turns out I ran out of not only the green plaid but my favorite cream dot print used in the piano key round. That left me with a dozen log cabin blocks to play with. Sure, I could have made more with different fabrics, but that leads to the next problem.

What I discovered, at least for my quilt, log cabin blocks do not make the best choice for a border. I hope that my round robin quilt friends have found a way around this, though I know one asked about skipping a row. And I don't blame her if she chose this row to skip!

So, with a lack of fabric and a poor block choice, this is what happens. An odd border. The best I could come up with was using 8 log cabin blocks in the top and bottom borders, in sets of two. A group of two in each corner,

log cabin quilt blocks in a quilt border corner

and two in the border centers.

log cabin quilt blocks

Okay, that solves for the log cabin problem. Fortunately, I had just enough of the large green plaid to put pieces in the center on the sides.

green side quilt border

To solve the remaining green fabric problem, I found a close-in-value green in the stash, just enough to fill in the blanks.

round robin quilt

Overall, it looks ok, almost like lightening bolts coming from those stars. But I think I'll put this border in the 'fail' category.

Hopefully, my other round robin quilt friends were more successful with this round - be sure to check out what they did. And link up your round robin creation below!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Genius! Who says log cabin blocks have to have 7 rows?

  2. Looks great. I agree with Chris above...log cabin blocks can be whatever size you want...because it's YOUR quilt. ☺ I admit I was a rebel with mine....

  3. Hi Susan! I think you are being much to harsh on yourself - but then, we often are, aren't we?! If you've ever flown over the middle states like Iowa or Nebraska, you know that the farm fields look exactly like your border. The corn rows are sown in alternating directions and look like your plaid and non-plaid greens. And I like your LC placement - it will all come together in the last round, I'm certain. Nice job and thanks for hosting us this week! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I like your solution, and the layout adds a bit of zing, I think! Too bad about running out of the fabric (I hate it when that happens). I'm loving all the variety in the quilts, so it will be fun to see how others use this block!

  5. Many of the houses along the Mississippi (and other hilly areas) have steps from the sidewalk/river/hill - that was my first thought when I saw this, reminded me of Pittsburgh. And the plaid keeps the theme going. It's coming together very nicely.

  6. I'm liking your layout! That green border makes me think that your house is surrounded by lovely green fields! It is NOT a fail!!! Thanks for hosting the linky party this week!

  7. I rather like it and bet you figure out a way to make it all sing with the last border. It is funny how that happens every once in awhile, and that something we are in charge of we like less than other people's choices.

  8. I like the way this is going Susan. Your lg cabins work in my opinion. 😉

  9. I made 4, but am waiting to see what next week's is before I attach them, or make more! My top is already 52 inches square.

  10. I thought the same thing as other commenters - your log cabins make stair steps! They're leading into the neighborhood! I love your center block - I made that mini, too. Pretty colors in yours!

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