Monday, March 8, 2021

Lucky Clover

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and I couldn't resist making a new wall hanging, full of clover and chains of green. Introducing Lucky Clover, featuring that forever elusive but very charming four-leaf clover.

green four leaf clover quilt

Celebrating not only that special March 17 day, but with the freshness of all that green, Lucky Clover is welcome sight for spring. 

green four leaf clover quilt center

Ready to see the whole Lucky Clover wall hanging? Here it is, laying in a field of green grass, and the only clover present in this backyard - hubby does a fantastic job of maintaining the grass.

five clover quilt laying on grass

This 48" x 48" beauty also hangs beautifully, as seen on our fence.

green clover wall hanging on a fence

While I was finishing up the quilting, adding a few clovers in the stippling, 

three leaf clovers mixed in with stipple quilting

hubby was outside, pulling a clover look-alike, oxalis, from our side yard. Later, he told me how he found it so ironic that I was quilting clover, and he was pulling (what he thought was) clover. He detests both weeds!

Me, I tend to see the beauty in all living things, and don't stress too much over a few weeds. But hubby is happier to see them in fabric than in his lawn!

green three leaf clover in a quilt corner

Maybe this wall hanging can be interpreted as having the clover under control with the interlocking chains. Though those chains look complex due to all the weaving and twisting of colors, they're really easy to put together.

green irish chains and clover in a quilt

And all of that white thread in the white background plus the straight lines of the chains made for a great pattern on the backside - check it out!

clover quilting on the backside of a quilt

I just love it when there's back art!

Interested in making your own Lucky Clover wall hanging to celebrate St. Pat's Day, or to usher in spring? The beginner friendly Lucky Clover pattern is available in my Etsy shop at a special launch price now thru March 20, the First Day of Spring. See how this all ties together?? 

Even Winston wants a bit of that Lucky Clover!

cat sitting on a green clover chain quilt

Wishing you lots of luck and happy spring!

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  1. I love it, Susan!! I have always loved celtic knots!

  2. Wonderful! - almost a stained glass window! The back is very beautiful and dramatic!

  3. Great little quilt. I'll have to get your pattern. Love the variety of greens against the stark white.


  4. Hi Susan! Love your ode to green. And that back pattern is just fabulous!! Love everything about this. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Oh this is sooo pretty!! And how smart to slip in some clovers in the quilting!

  6. Beautiful quilt, and lovely shades of green. I love it!

  7. Your greens all work together beautifully. I am afraid that I am with your hubby when it comes to weeds.

  8. Love this! I wish I'd seen it two weeks ago before I made my hanging. I may have to get this one too.

  9. Super Great quilt - and! No one will pinch you if you are holding it!! Love the clovers!!!

  10. What a sweet pattern, Susan! I especially like the Celtic knot-like detail between the different elements. It definitely adds to the Irish feel of this finish. : )


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