Friday, July 2, 2021

Block Base Plus - Block 7

The sew-along continues with Block Base Plus, this time with block 2564.

green purple and blue quilt block

Unfortunately for it, there is no other name associated with this block, just the Brackman ID #2564. Not very exciting, but I'm sure it's not alone in it's lack of a name.

Block #2564 can be found under the Square-in-a-Square, Like the Radio Windmill section in Block Base Plus (no affiliation), along with nine other similar friends.


And once again, just like the block 6, Joseph's Coat, this is a block that's easily pieced using foundation paper. It could be done with templates, but with all those angles, I opted for foundation paper. 

I've mentioned from previous posts that I'm a big fan of using freezer paper for foundation piecing. I like securing the fabric to the paper with a quick hit of the iron, and of course, not having to tear the paper away from the seams, potentially loosening them. Both features of using freezer paper are big wins for me!

After judging sizes with a ruler, I cut the necessary pieces. Some cuts may cause a bias edge to be at the block edge, but I'm not that picky about that. If I was constantly stitching and unstitching those edges, then I'd be more concerned.

Working with batiks was also a blessing. With no front or back of the fabric to deal with, cutting shapes was that much easier.

For foundation piecing, Block 2564 requires a center square plus two copies of two units which share identical parts.

After the units were freezer paper foundation pieced, the block went together quite fast, first stitching the smaller units to the center square,

then the two longer units to make a finished 12" block.

Now I can add this seventh block to the first six, shown in order below,

with one more block to go for a total of eight. After I decide on a setting, this quilt should be a wrap sometime in August.

I've enjoyed this sew along, and hope you have too. I've tried, where I can, to give tutorials to make some of these blocks. Others, like today's block 2564, are best made with foundation piecing. For that, Block Base Plus or EQ8 (no affiliation) are necessary to print out the templates. Maybe seeing these blocks will help you decide if EQ products are for you.

See you again with one more block - Happy Quilting!

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  1. I love this block and it is fun to see your grouping all together!


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