Friday, April 12, 2019

Crumb Jumble Pink

It certainly has been a very exciting week, seeing quilts of Bonnie K Hunter's from her String Frenzy book (affiliate link). And as promised, I'm showing off Crumb Jumble Pink,

Crumb Jumble Pink baby quilt

the girl's version of the Crumb Jumble baby quilt in blue from Monday.

Crumb Jumble baby quilt

I didn't set out to make two quilts. Turns out I miscalculated the number of blocks needed to make a baby quilt size. 

crumb blocks

I had all of these done, then started laying them out, and realized that 16 crumb blocks were all that I needed. Oops! With 14 blocks left in my hand, I just had to make 2 more for 16 and thus 2 baby quilts - one can never make enough baby quilts!!

These blocks really looked good with the blue background, but I didn't want two quilts exactly the same. Background color auditions ensued, cause whatever I chose, it needed to be strong to go with the blocks. My first thought was yellow, but there was plenty of that in the sashing cornerstones, which would get lost. 

Hmm, could do green, but I wasn't feeling it. Purple? Not really a first choice color for me. Aqua? Makes for another boy-leaning quilt. All right, pink. But it needs to be a strong pink to work with all the bright bits in the blocks - pastel pink just won't do here.

Rummaging through the stash, I found a perfect raspberry pink. The backside that is!

front and back of pink fabric in Crumb Jumble Pink quilt

The lower half of that picture shows the small black circle print on the pink. The upper half shows the backside, on the quilt top front, with a slight bit of circle print showing through. You wouldn't know it though unless I told you - yep, the secret is out!

This is not the first time I've done that - the solid looking blue blocks in the boy Crumb Jumble are really the backside of this print!

actual blue print used in Crumb Jumble

Just more creative ways to use up the stash!!!

The crumb blocks in the pink version are just as cute, and I found a very fun small print to work as the border.

Crumb blocks and border

Plus the frogs on the back makes this one a super fun quilt!

Crumb Jumble Pink with frog backing

Lucky kid that gets this one!

Crumb Jumble Pink and frog backing

I hope these quilts have inspired you to dive into those scraps of yours - they really can make beautiful quilts!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Oh how fun and colorful!! I love that you ended up with 2 !!

  2. Both are so cute and bright! Good job - you are back into your groove!!!!

  3. Both the pink and the blue turned out really well. I like the blocks on point. How big are your squares?

  4. the blocks must be fun to make to accidentally make almost twice as much!!! The quilts look great!

  5. Oh how CUTE! These would be perfect for twins, you know... I miscalculated how many tumblers would be needed for the outreach NICU top I gave my mother to work on, and we ended up having to remove several rows to stay within the hospital's size guidelines. Of COURSE those will just go into another quilt!


Thank you so much for just made my day!