Friday, September 4, 2020

More FREE Fall Quilt Patterns

Fall is just around the corner, and that means it's almost time to redecorate the house in the orange, red, and yellow of pumpkins and leaves! To help with seasonal redecoration, I've found five more free fall/autumn patterns to add to last year's list of Free Fall Quilt Patterns

How about a sprinkling of some maple leaves around the house? There's this Autumn Falls pattern from Robert Kaufman,

maple leaf quilt by robert kaufman

four maple leaf quilt blocks by pat sloan

Or maybe you would like some oak leaves instead? Then try this Autumn Vines table topper by Marian Shenk.

oak leaves and vines on a green background by marian shenk

For something totally different, scatter some cute acorns on the table. These are designed by Nadra of ellis and higgs, guest posting at A Diary of a Quilter.

multi colored acorns by Nadra of ellis and higgs

And add some apples to the mix with these from A Bee in My Bonnet.

apple quilt blocks by a bee in my bonnet

These additional patterns should really put everyone in the mood for fall! Be sure to check out the Free Fall Quilt patterns from last year too.

Since I'm gushing over fall, I can't resist showing off my own Fall Leaves multi-sized pattern

fall maple leaves in two sizes for pattern by QuiltFabrication

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Today its in the 80s on the coast of Maine, but we have already had a few quilt nights with more than one quilt as it dips to the 50s...a sure sign of fall. Lots of eye candy I am diverting my gaze.

  2. Thank You Susan for all these cute fall patterns. I have started decorating for fall and seeing all these pumpkins sure is helping!!

  3. So much fall inspiration. The days are definitely getting shorter so in spite of 100+ temps, I know autumn days will soon be here.

  4. Thank you! I needed this inspiration today!


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