Monday, September 7, 2020

The Great Outdoors

Escape on a camping adventure and stake your tent in the great outdoors full of fresh air, green trees, and a mountain lake!

camping quilt of green trees and an orange tent held up next to a tree in the great outdoors by QuiltFabrication

My son's camping quilt, The Great Outdoors, is a spectacular finish, and I can't wait for him to see it. He was off touring Crater Lake this weekend, but the view was a hazy mess off smoke with an air quality reading of 200 at dawn.

smokey air at sunrise over Crater Lake

Certainly not the wonderful mountain vista views he's used to, like his visit to Columbine Lake. 

mountain vista view of Columbine Lake by T Arnold

Hopefully, The Great Outdoors quilt will remind him of better backpacking trips he's taken.

He has seen the quilt in progress, and picked out the tent fabric in his favorite color, orange. We got so lucky that it's the complement of blue-green, 

orange and blue-green it's compliment on the color wheel

the color of the Kona Aqua background.

orange tent on a blue green fabric background on The Great Outdoors quilt by QuiltFabrication

He was also very happy when he discovered I had given him a beach to go along with the small water feature he requested, as one always needs to camp near water, you know. Personally, I would have left out both because I find it distracts from the tent, and it is completely optional in the pattern. 

small lake at the bottom corner of The Great Outdoors quilt by QuiltFabrication

There's lots of different greens making up the trees, ranging from medium dark/dark, and up to medium light/light. I put the lightest value on top because the sun is shining down on those tree tops.

tree made of many different green fabrics for The Great Outdoors quilt by QuiltFabrication

And can't you just feel the gentle breeze and smell that fresh mountain air? The pantograph Windswept, stitched with Glide Sea Foam, was a perfect addition to this quilt.

quilted swirls represent wind on The Great Outdoors quilt by QuiltFabrication

Ready to escape and make your own Great Outdoors camping quilt? The approximately 58" x 73" lap quilt pattern is geared toward the intermediate quilter, familiar with paper piecing. The pattern includes detailed instructions and diagrams, and is not overly complicated though it is involved with 4 different sized trees, a paper pieced tent, and the water feature with a beach (optional).  

For a limited time, The Great Outdoors lap quilt pattern is available at a special price in my QuiltFabrication Etsy store, now through September 13. Get it while there's still time to go camping!

The Great Outdoors quilt by QuiltFabrication hanging from an oak tree limb

Happy Quilting!
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  1. That turned out just great, Susan!

  2. Looks like the perfect quilt for your son.

  3. What a fun quilt!! I am sure he will love it! and Crater lake!! one of my favorite spots!

  4. Bravo! Simply wonderful. Looks like you stole the colors right off the trees.
    Love the pictures of the lake - there is a certain panache in the mists.

  5. You got the water feature in there and your son is happy with it. I call it a win win!
    Kathleen - kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  6. That’s very cute. Glad you could add his water feature, but I would have just told him the aqua was his water. 😂

  7. What a great design. Any camper would love it and easy enough for any quilter!

  8. This is great! I am sure he will love it. It is interesting when others have design input that you disagree with, but I think it is perfectly done.

  9. That is such a fun quilt! My husband would love it!

  10. Nice quilt. I particularly like the trees but didn't notice the beach until I read your comments.

  11. Beautiful finish! Yes, the quilting does indeed look like a breeze blowing gently through the trees!

  12. It's so nice, and I really like the strip pieced trees!

  13. Lovely quilt. I like the quilting too, I might copy that design for my camping quilt.

  14. With or without a water feature? That question would slow me down for days, as it looks good with but I can see the attraction of without. This is a great design for campers and a great alternative when a flowery quilt is just not the thing. Thanks for sharing your new pattern at Clever Chameleon.

  15. I love all aspects of this project ... The palette, design, and quilting come together for a fabulous finish!


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