Thursday, November 27, 2014

Falling Leaves

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  And I have my beautiful Falling Leaves quilt to show, perfect for the season.

Got it done just before red and green take over our lives, so excuse the reindeer in the background!

Here's a couple quilting closeups.
The leaf pattern was stitched in both the cream area and the more colorful areas, following the zigzag of the quilt top.  This pattern is one I created from two existing pantos, Fall Leaves and Fall Oak Leaves,
specifically to fit the zigzag space.
The colorful zigzag was wider, and required some fill, but a flowing line of curls solved that problem.
And on a previous post, I showed how I quilted it from the front of the machine.  Worked great, just wish I could have completed the quilt in a day, versus a row today, a couple rows the next day, etc.  Found I was always double checking the panto placement because of laser light movement.  But I'd still try following a design from the front again.

Not to be forgotten is the back.
Four yards of fabric, stitched with a band in between the selvage edges provided the length I needed.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 3, 2014

November Book of the Month

I'm going to try my best to complete a Book of the Month quilt this November, with the help of Supersize 'Em by Debby Kratovil. (affiliate link)
I have a lot of commitments this month, the biggest one moving my mother into my house. I've spent two days trying to get a room ready, including painting, but stubborn Sharpie marks will not go away. So far, 3 coats of primer, one of latex color, and another 2 of a different primer.

Sure the yellow of the balls is covered, but the black just won't go away. Maybe I needed to get the oil based primer. Hopefully I'll have better luck tomorrow.  Just a note, do not use Sharpie on your walls!

Anyway, back to quilting.  There are several patterns in the book that look interesting, and here's a sampling.
This pretty one with hearts, though I don't think I've got time for it.  And this one with daisies,
but I'll have to see if I have any black and white flower fabric.

Then there's these

both star based, and very pretty, so a good possibility.  And this one, which could use up my stash nicely.
Which one would you pick?

Happy Quilting!