Monday, November 21, 2016

Hanging Towels for the Holidays

Now that Blossoms is done, I feel it's time to clean up the studio and finish up other projects that are lying around. One of those is making more hanging towels, 

Autumn hanging towels

just in time for Thanksgiving. 

Autumn towels backside

Not that winter or any time of year were forgotten.

Blue Hanging Towels

Using one towel in each color and my Hanging Towels tutorial, these four stitched up quickly. Why did I put it off for so long? But I'm happy to have new towels, and to have them off the Featherweight case.

One project down, more to go!

Friday, November 18, 2016


Here it is - Blossoms!

Blossoms quilt

Another quilt created from leftovers from Jeweled Flower Garden and Saw Tooth Flowers, with petals from solids added in.

The blossoms use the Crafted Applique (affiliate link) technique, a new non-traditional applique method. 

So how did these blossoms happen? After prepping the fabric according to the directions in the book, and with six triangles from each fabric, a hexagon center was created, 

highlighted by a yellow frame. 

Using a longarm ruler as a template, 

the first row of petals are cut and placed.

Two circle rulers provide the templates for row 2 and 3.

Then the process begins to add them on to the first row.

Row 3 is added in the same way.

The blossom creation was carried out on a pressing sheet in order to adhere the petals to each other for transfer to the background.

After cutting a few leaves, everything was pinned and then fused to the background.

For this quilt, I decided to use the straight line of the quilting to hold down the applique instead of zig zagging around the edges then quilting over that. 

Background on this is a freehand meander. No need for something fancy as it would be hard to see.

Though I'm not concerned about the applique coming up, I don't know how the edge will hold up in the wash. Lara claims the edges don't fray, but I'll check that out on another project.  For now, this one is a wall hanging.

Almost forgot! The background is a D9P (disappearing 9-patch), done all in greens. Check out the D9P tutorial to make your own.

Have a great weekend quilting!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Crafted Applique Update

Squeezed in a couple hours this weekend to work on my Crafted Applique (affiliate link) project after leaving it in this state for days.

Now I have a background of blocks,

and a start on making flower petals.

I'm thinking one more round of petals, to balance out the size of the center hexagon. Hope I've processed enough fabric for that! First though, round 1 and 2 need cutting for all the other centers.

I'll update again on Wednesday for Midweek Makers. See you then!
Have a wonderful day quilting!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Double Jumble Butterfly

After many days quilting and pattern writing, my next beauty is here! Double Jumble Butterfly.

Double Jumble Butterfly quilt

This is the sister quilt to my Double Jumble Turtle, that's why Double Jumble Butterfly. And it's just as adorable as the turtles! Both of these quilts are available as pattern downloads from my Etsy shop.

Double Jumble Turtles quilt

I'm really loving the versatility of this pattern - there's so many options in color schemes and appliques. 
The butterfly on this one is so sweet in pinks and purples.

The quilting is again a pantograph in the block area, this time Easy Peasy, with double cross hatching in the open band. Yummy!

Double Jumble Butterfly quilting

Can't forget the back on this one, since the quilting is visible. More yumminess!

Double Jumble Butterfly quilt back

The patterns for these quilts include detailed instructions, fabric color lists, and the necessary applique templates. For those who are just interested in the applique templates, those can be downloaded separately. 

As for me, I may make one or two more, that's how much I love them!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Double Jumble

Cheers to another finish! This time it's my own creation, Double Jumble - Turtles

a versatile pattern adorned with applique turtles. Aren't these guys adorable?

Yep, the Flip and Fuse Quilts (affiliate link) book has changed my whole perspective on applique. Now there are limitless possibilities. Not that there weren't before, but fusing with interfacing has really opened a new door in my quilting journey.

I designed this quilt with easy to piece blocks - with no seams to match - making the top come together quickly. The added band gives the appliques a place to shine. As does the quilting. In the block portions is my favorite Bluster pantograph,

and contrasting straight line stitching in the band around the turtles. 

This quilt turned out so cute, that I had to make another with a different applique. No pictures to show on that one at the moment, but it should be finished up this week. 
But the complete pattern for Double Jumble - Turtles is available in my Esty shop. The turtle appliques are also available as a separate pattern at Etsy for a quilt of your own making.

As for the flowers for Crafted Applique (affiliate link) they're still waiting their turn. Seems I've got a bit of an applique face-off going. Which technique will win?

Have a great day quilting!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 2016 Book of the Month

The last two months has been full of applique, and November will be no exception. But this time the fun will be trying the newer applique technique from Crafted Applique (affiliate link) by Lara Buccella.

If you haven't already, check out her blog over at BuzzinBumble for more quilty fun!

Projects I have in mind include creating with these triangles,

leftover from the Saw Tooth Flowers quilt, and maybe a medallion of some sort. We'll see. 

Crafted Applique (affiliate link) is an intriguing technique that's worth a look while I'm in an applique mood - can't pass up the opportunity.

Have a great day quilting!