Monday, February 1, 2016

Book of the Month February 2016

Welcome to the Book of the Month! This time I'm featuring a book about color called the Quilt Colour Workshop, (affiliate link)

written by several quilters from the Fat Quarterly, which is an online modern quilting group.

I'm drawn to this book because of the different color combinations displayed in it, finding them quite intriguing. Sometimes I struggle with color combinations, so I'm always on the lookout for information that makes color selection make sense. 

So much of quilting these days involves precuts, which means the fabrics and colors already work together. But how does one put together a fabulous quilt with the stash of fabrics at hand? That's what I'm hoping this book will assist with. Goodness knows I don't need another quilt that could have benefited from some additional color - or less!!

Will I actually make a project from the book? Probably not. What I would rather do is explore color combinations, and just play with color. So let's see how it goes!

Have a great day quilting!

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